IPL 2018 may see mid-season player transfers: Report

IPL 2018 may see mid-season player transfers: Report

Inter club player transfers during the Indian Premier League season may become the most vital feature in the history of the 10-year-old cricket league.

The franchisees have reportedly agreed during their latest meeting, to the player(s) picked by one team in the auction be acquired by another team during the mid-season transfer window. The idea discussed at the meeting will go to the IPL Governing Council for approval. However, the Board of Control for Cricket in India has not officially confirmed the news.

Mid Day has reported a BCCI source as saying that the unprecedented feature will benefit the players and the franchisees.  “The idea was discussed in the meeting and all owners and team representatives seemed convinced about it. The modalities will be worked out as soon as the IPL body accepts the proposal,” the source is quoted as saying, “There have been instances where a player gets only a few games and that too towards the business end of the tournament or warms the bench throughout the season. A team buys a certain player in the auction but later finds it difficult to accommodate him in the playing XI due to their combination or team balance. This proposal is a win-win situation for players and teams.”

The proposal reportedly recommends that any player who does not figure in the playing eleven of his club for the first seven games of the season qualifies for the mid-season, inter-club transfer. A decision on the same, however, will be taken at a later date during the next IPL Governing Council meeting.

There have been instances when the top stars have been confined to the team dugouts as they did not fit in the scheme of things for a balanced playing eleven.