IPL 2020 : Fans likely to be allowed for IPL in UAE says Emirates Cricket Board official

In another good news for the Indian Premier League’s (IPL 2020) fans, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) might consider allowing spectators in stadiums if the Board of Cricket Control of India (BCCI) gives its consent. 
As the BCCI looks to move IPL 2020 out of the country to UAE, the Emirates Cricket Board official in an interview to the telegraph has said that if BCCI agrees and government gives approval they can explore option of crowds entry for the IPL games. 
“Having spectators in stadiums is subject to government approval. We will have a detailed discussion before deciding anything. There’s still time and we might consider it if the IPL is cleared to be held here,” Mubashir Usmani, general manager of Emirates Cricket Board (ECB), told The Telegraph from Dubai. 
IPL 2020 in UAE : Emirates Board waiting to officially hear from BCCI
In the BCCI’s Apex Council meeting, UAE was zeroed down as host to the 13th edition of the IPL between September to early November. The decision will be dependent on two conditions. First, ICC officially postpones the T20 World Cup in Australia and secondly Indian government give its permission to play IPL 2020 out of the country. 
Once these two conditions are met, BCCI will officially inform UAE of their intention to take IPL 2020 bandwagon to the Gulf nation. According to ECB’s Usmani, the Covid19 situation in UAE has improved considerably, restrictions of all kind are relaxed and almost all businesses are up and running. This situation makes them suitable host for IPL 2020. 

“The relaxations are a positive move. It will help the BCCI to evaluate the situation. The number of Covid cases in the UAE has gone down drastically and the government is also working towards that direction,” Usmani said.

“The venues are on standby and we fully support the BCCI’s initiative. We will cooperate with them in terms of their requirements for hosting the event and work in tandem with the UAE government.”

Meanwhile Usmani made it very clear that the BCCI “hasn’t really got back to us” after the ECB sent a formal invitation in April expressing its keenness to host the IPL.

“Perhaps the BCCI is awaiting a formal announcement from the ICC on the postponement of the T20 World Cup. Likewise we too are waiting for a feedback from the BCCI.

“The invitation had been sent in April. Once the BCCI gives the approval everything will be out in the public domain,” the ECB general manager, who will co-ordinate with the BCCI, remarked.

The International Cricket Council’s Board is once again scheduled to meet on Monday.  It is being expected that post this meeting ICC can make their decision official about the T20 World Cup in Australia. Once that is done, actual preparations for IPL 2020 will begin.