IPL 2020 KKR vs CSK Live: KKR’s decisive death bowling secures 10 runs win against CSK

Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) got back to their winning ways in the Indian Premier League (IPL 2020) after defeating the Chennai Super Kings (CSK) by 10 runs in a thrilling contest.

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Rahul Tripathi awarded MoM award for his stellar knock of 81.

KKR wins by 10 runs

Jadeja closes the innings out with a boundary towards the wide extra cover fence, with the Kolkata players celebrating after the shot as they complete a superb turnaround to register their third victory of the tournament. CSK-157/5 after 20 overs

Excellent 19th over from Narine

Narine bowls the 19th. Jadhav gets a boundary to long on. Jadeja gets a four with a slash to the off side. Which leaves CSK needing 26 to get off the last over. CSK-142/5 after 19 overs; need more 26 from 6 balls


Andre Russell’s brought into the attack in the 18th over, and he gets rid of the dangerman Curran off his first delivery of the innings to put Kolkata in the driver’s seat. Jadeja walks out to bat at 7 and gets off the mark with a single. CSK-132/5 after 18 overs; need more 36 from 12 balls


Dre Russ strikes off his first delivery of the evening as Curran offers Morgan the simplest of chances at extra cover after getting a thick top-edge FOW-129/5


CSK-129/4 after 17 overs; need more 39 from 18 balls

Dhoni falls for 11

Excellent comeback by Chakravarthy after getting hit for a boundary off the previous delivery. Dhoni gets down on one knee and completely misses the top-spinner while looking to slog it towards the leg side.


Narine continues. Curran steps down the track and a six sails over long off. Much needed for CSK. Lofts over covers for a four. Curran keeps strike for the next over with a single. CSK-124/3 after 16 overs; need more 44 from 24 deliveries

Excellent fightback from KKR

Varun Chakravarthy bowls the 15th. Dhoni swings for the fence. Tripathi does well to cut off a four at the ropes. Just 14 runs conceded and 2 wickets for KKR in the last 4 overs. CSK-110/3 after 15 overs


KKR suddenly are back in the game after Narine traps Watson lbw off the first ball of his second over. With two new batsmen at the crease in Dhoni and Curran. CSK-104/3 after 14 overs; need 64 more from 36 balls

Watson gone for 50

Quicker delivery from Narine does the trick as he traps Watson lbw right after the latter brings up his half-century. Watto reviews this after a quick chat with MSD, but fails to overturn the decision. FOW-101/3

100 comes up for CSK

Nagarkoti’s over turns things around. 2 runs and 1 wicket in the over. Watson gets to his 50 off 39 balls, with Dhoni having just joined him in this chase. CSK-101/2 after 13 overs; need more 67 from 42 balls

Half century for Watson

Fifty up for Shane Watson off 39 balls, his 21st in the Indian Premier League. Watson has held his end up beautifully so far in the innings after the departure of his opening partner earlier in the powerplay

CSK lose 2nd wicket

Rayudu looked to go big over long on, but hardly got any timing on it, offering Gill a simple catch near the boundary to give Nagarkoti his first wicket. FOW-99/2


CSK-99/1 after 12 overs; need more 69 from 48 balls


Karthik brings Patrick Cummins back into the attack one final time this evening, hoping to break this partnership. While Cummins doesn’t succeed in breaking the stand that is starting to worry the Knight Riders now. CSK-94/1 after 11 overs; need more 74 from 54 balls


Nagarkoti bowls the 10th. Another close run thing for Watson as he pulls for four. That again lands just short of the fielder in the deep. Another boundary smashed over covers to end the over. Watson moves to 47. CSK-90/1 after 10 overs

50 partnership comes up for Faf-Watson

CSK-72/1 after 9 overs

Watson goes for the lap shot at the start of Chakravarthy’s second over as he maintains the pressure on KKR’s bowlers with the occasional boundary or three. The current CSK pair then rotate the strike among themselves through a single off each of the next five deliveries.


Kamlesh Nagarkoti bowls the 8th. Rayudu crashes Nagarkoti over covers for four. CSK-69/1 after 8 overs; need 99 from 72 balls


Karthik brings spin into play after the powerplay, giving Chakravarthy the ball. Watson pulls hard off the penultimate delivery, the ball nearly carrying to the fielder at deep square leg. Rayudu collects a boundary off the last delivery. CSK-62/1 after 7 overs; need more 106 from 78 balls

End of Powerplay; Strategic Timeout taken

Mavi has bowled three overs on the trot. Watson preys on him in the last over of the Powerplay. A four to square leg and a mighty pull for six. Watson’s form seems to have returned to him CSK. CSK-54/1 after 6 overs


Rayudu collects his first boundary courtesy an edge that sends the ball running away to the third man fence. Single off each of the last three deliveries, with nine coming from the over. CSK-41/1 after 5 overs


Mavi delivers the breakthrough off the fourth as du Plessis edges off the toe-end while looking to work the wide length delivery through the off side. Rayudu walks out to bat next and gets off the mark with a single right away. Seven from the over along with the wicket. CSK-32/1 after 4 overs

CSK lose Faf early

Cummins bowls the 3rd. A good start to the over but Du Plessis crashes him through midwicket for a four too. Mavi back for the 4th. Watson uses his pace to get four to third man. But then Du Plessis edges through to the keeper. FOW-30/1

CSK-25/0 after 3 overs

Cummins cranks the pace up in this over, hitting the mid-140s consistently in this over. The extra pace however, comes in handy for du Plessis, who pulls the ball towards the midwicket fence off the fifth delivery.

CSK-18/0 after 2 overs

Shivam Mavi from the other end, and starts off with some back-of-length stuff to the two overseas openers, with a single coming off each off the first four deliveries. Du Plessis then puts the fielding side under pressure by collecting back-to-back boundaries off the last two balls. 12 from the over.


Pat Cummins opens the attack for KKR. Cummins, bowling at good pace, goes up in appeal for LBW off the fourth ball with an incutter. Watson fires a boundary through the covers off the last ball. CSK-6/0 after 1 over

We are underway with CSK’s chase

Faf and Watson walks out to bat for CSK

End of KKR’s innings

KKR 167 all out after 20 overs

9th wicket gone for KKR

Another slower one from Bravo and Dhoni completes an excellent catch diving towards his left

KKR 8 down

Bravo bowls a slower one and it was is good for Nagarkoti, who fails to read that one and mistimes it. Catching practice for Faf at mid-off.

KKR-162/7 after 19 overs

Curran into the penultimate over of the innings. Keeps it tight as the batsmen can only manage four runs off the first four. Karthik hits the bowler for a four before being caught by Thakur at square third man off the final ball.

KKR 7 down

Karthik has to depart. He tried to cut it over the in field but ended up hitting it straight to Thakur in the point region.

150 up for KKR

Dinesh Karthik and Pat Cummins tick the scoreboard in the death overs. KKR-154/6 after 18 overs

KKR 6 down

Tripathi departs after playing a good knock. He was KKR’s lone warrior. Tripathi looks to play a cheeky dab with an open bat face but the ball takes the bottom half and lands in Shane Watson’s hands at short third man. 


Thakur is back and he gets rid of the dangerous Dre Russ, who edged the ball straight to MSD. Five runs from Thakur’s third over and a wicket. Good display of medium pace bowling by Thakur so far. KKR-133/5 after 16 overs


Thakur is back and he gets rid of the dangerous Dre Russ, who edged the ball straight to MSD. Five runs from Thakur’s third over and a wicket. Good display of medium pace bowling by Thakur so far. KKR-133/5 after 16 overs

KKR lose half their side

Thakur removes the dangerous Dre Russ. The burly Trinidadian tried to hammer the ball towards deep mid wicket but the ball took an edge and went straight into MSD’S gloves. FOW-128/5

KKR-128/4 after 15 overs

Chahar returns and gets smacked for 14 runs. A four and a six in that over, both from the blade of the in-form Tripathi.


KKR-114/4 after 14 overs

Morgan falls for 7; KKR 4 down

The big wicket of Morgan and it is his England teammate who has undone him. Morgan tried to pull it towards the leg side but the ball took an edge and Dhoni completed a simple catch.

2nd Strategic Timeout taken

Sharma returns. CSK call for a stump referral against Tripathi, but the batsman was well inside the crease. Tripathi drives the third delivery for a single towards the cover. Four runs off the over and Sharma completes an excellent spell – 2/25 from his quota of four overs.  KKR-109/3 after 13 overs

100 comes up for KKR

Shardul Thakur into his second over. Eoin Morgan announces his arrival with a majestic cover drive off the first ball. Thakur comes back and concedes just three of the next five deliveries. KKR-105/3 after 12 overs


Sharma returns for his third over. The batsmen nudge the ball into the gaps for singles off the first five balls. The spinner offers no room whatsoever. Removes the explosive on the final ball of the over. Jadeja took an excellent diving catch at the deep mid wicket boundary. Third wicket down and Sharma’s over fetches just five runs for KKR. KKR-98/3 after 11 overs

Narine departs after a quickfire 17

Jadeja takes a good catch. Narine smacked it towards mid wicket, but Jadeja completed a good catch. He feared crossing the boundary as he was diving so flighted it straight to du Plessis.

We reach the halfway mark

Two boundaries and a six as KKR won’t mind that massive over from Dwayne Bravo. Rahul Tripathi was firing big and now Sunil Narine too has joined the party. KKR-93/2 after 10 overs

Half century for Rahul Tripathi

Some width offered by Bravo and Tripathi whacks it over the gully region for a boundary. He also completes his FIFTY with that shot. Good move for KKR so far

Excellent from Karn Sharma

Karn returns, tempts Rana to go for the slog off the first and gets successful there as he removes the batsman, who hit it straight to Jadeja at mid-wicket. Narine joins Tripathi in the middle.  Four singles off the last four and a wicket in that over. KKR-74/2 after 9 overs

2nd wicket falls for KKR

Tossed up from Karn and Rana tried to hoist it towards deep mid wicket for a maximum. The ball though went straight to Jadeja at mid wicket. Remember, these are long boundaries.

KKR-70/1 after 8 overs

Dwayne Bravo comes into the attack. Tripathi clips the second ball behind square for a double. He again steers the fourth ball towards deep backward point for a double. Bravo isn’t giving the batsmen any pace to work with. A single by Rana off the last ball.


CSK introduce spin, right after the powerplay. Karn Sharma finally gets a game this season. Sharma starts off with a 12-run over, which includes a SIX. Meanwhile, Rahul Tripathi inches close to a half century as he is playing on 41 from 22 deliveries. KKR-64/1 after 7 overs

50 comes up for KKR; End of Powerplay

The umpires signal for the strategic timeout. KKR-52/1 after 6 overs


Shardul Thakur introduced and he gets the breakthrough, removes Gill after Dhoni completed a regulation catch. Gets hit for a four by Nitish Rana but a lucky one as the ball took an edge of the batsman’s bat. Five runs off the over. KKR-41/1 after 5 overs

KKR lose Gill cheaply

Shardul Thakur gets the big wicket; removes Shubman Gill for 11. Gill tried to smack it towards mid-wicket but the ball took an edge and Dhoni completed a regulation catch. FOW-37/1


The boundaries have started to come for KKR as Tripathi hits Curran for two FOURS in his next over. Looks like the swap in the opening pair is working wonders for them. KKR-36/0 after 4 overs


Chahar returns. Gill smacks him for a four towards deep mid wicket off the third ball. Tripathi adds another two boundaries there. Good over for KKR, 15 from it. KKR-25/0 after 3 overs

Shubman Gill gets his first boundary tonight

A stunning shot from the youngster that cleared off the mid-wicket boundary. Chahar surely needs to keep a check o such deliveries in the initial phase on the game

Tight over from Curran

Sam Curran bowls from the other end. Tight bowling from the England pacer, conceding just 3 runs at the end off it. KKR-10/0 after 2 overs


Chahar with the new ball and he starts off with a wide. Strays on the pads on the first ball and Tripathi just helped it on its way, earning a four in the process. A run out referral off the fourth ball for Shubhman, who made it to the non-strikers end comfortably. Seven runs off the first over. KKR-7/0 after 1 over


Here we go! Interesting, no Narine in the opening slot. It’s Shubman Gill along with Rahul Tripathi who comes out to bat for KKR. Deepak Chahar will start off proceedings for CSK.

CSK Playing XI

KKR Playing XI

Toss results

KKR wins toss and opts to bat first

Pre-match strategies! 


We are exactly one hour away from the toss

Narine or Banton?

Sunil Narine has looked woefully out of sorts, managing only 27 runs from four matches at 87.09 strike rate. Is it time to rope in BBL sensation Tom Banton in place of the Windies cricketer?

McCullum asks Nitish Rana never to do it again; Check out

KKR’s Caribbean boys are ready to fire tonight; here’s a sneak-peek

Probable Playing XIs

KKR: Shubman Gill, Sunil Narine, Nitish Rana, Andre Russell, Dinesh Karthik (c, wk), Eoin Morgan, Pat Cummins, Rahul Tripathi, Shivam Mavi, Kamlesh Nagarkoti, Varun Chakravarthy.

CSK: Faf du Plesiss, Shane Watson, Ambati Rayudu, MS Dhoni (c, wk), Kedar Jadhav, Ravindra Jadeja, Dwayne Bravo, Sam Curran, Shardul Thakur, Piyush Chawla, Deepak Chahar

Milestone alert!

–Eoin Morgan and Andre Russell need 10 and 52 runs respectively to complete 1000 and 1500 IPL runs. Russell is also 4 fours away from completing 100 IPL fours.

–Dinesh Karthik requires 53 runs to complete 1000 IPL runs as captain.

–MS Dhoni needs 51 runs to complete 4000 IPL runs for CSK.

–Faf du Plessis and Ambati Rayudu require 79 and 37 runs respectively to complete 2000 and 1000 IPL runs for CSK.

KKR vs CSK Head to head

Both the teams have played 23 matches out of which CSK have won 14. KKR have eight wins to their name with one match abandoned.

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