IPL 2021: 4 reasons why IPL 2021 will be the fastest ever in T20I history – Explained

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IPL 2021: Imagine if someone comes and tells you, there is a way to end T20I matches quickly. Although hard to think that it can happen, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has found a way to make IPL 2021 the quickest ever in T20I history. But how? The simple answer is, BCCI made some key changes in the rules. But then what are these new mind-boggling changes? InsideSport explains how this is will happen.

IPL 2021 Rule 1: New Time Limit:

In this IPL, every team needs to complete the 20 overs in 90 minutes. It means that each innings will last for one and a half hour. This will also include the two strategic timeouts of five minutes each for each team. The break between two innings shall not go past 20 minutes, the new IPL guidelines say.

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IPL 2021 Rule 2: Minimum over-rule:

The bowling side will have to complete 14.11 over in an hour during a match. BCCI has introduced a steep fine for slow rate. If the team is found guilty, the captain will be fined INR 12 lakh for the first offence, while INR 24 lakh for the second. For third and fourth, the skipper will be penalised INR 30 lakh, and if this continues, the erring captain would also face a ban from the next game, similar to a red card in football.

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IPL 2021 Rule 3: No soft signal:

This IPL, there won’t be any soft signal by the on-field umpires. It will be up to the Third Umpire to decide on the doubtful caught, bump balls amongst other things.

IPL 2021 Rule 4: Super Overs Restricted:

The teams will now get just one hour to get done with the SuperOvers. In case the fate of the match could not be determined even after an hour of SuperOvers, both teams will share a match point each.