IPL 2021 New Franchise : BCCI to call for AGM in December, decision on new additions after that

IPL 2021 New Franchise addition : The BCCI’s top officials wish to expand the Indian Premier League (IPL 2021) franchise list will only be possible once the entire board approves the decision in the next Annual General Meeting (AGM). This is the reason, now the board is planning to hold its AGM in December. Once the board members approve and ratify the proposal to include the new franchise, tender for the same can be floated. 

Process of calling a BCCI AGM – A 21-day notice needs to be given by the BCCI Secretary to call for the AGM. In the said AGM, decision on whether tender has to be floated for one or two franchise will also be taken. 

IPL 2021 New Franchise addition : How the new addition can impact the existing franchises and broadcasters ?
The new addition can impact the existing stakeholders in a big way – check how 
Existing IPL franchises – All IPL franchises get Central Pool share from the BCCI which currently is distributed equally among the 8 franchises. With addition of 1-2 franchises, their revenue share will dwindle. Franchises are of the view, BCCI need to be sure that with increase in number of franchises, their existing revenue all goes up. If that is not happening, they will be losing out pie of the current share. 
Another concern existing franchise are carrying is – how the Mega Auction will be conducted ? They are of the view, currently they have their core in place and it will not be right to replace that core with only four months to next IPL edition. 
Broadcast Partner – The official IPL broadcaster Star India will also be impacted with the move of increase in number of franchise. Star is already losing on account of high licensing fee for IPL. As per InsideSport understanding, according to the BCCI’s contract with Star India – Star will be charged on Pro-Rata basis in case of increase in number of matches in IPL 2021. Star India according to Pro-Rata estimate is shelling out 54.5 Cr per IPL game and if one goes by the logic of Pro-RATA basis, Star will be asked to shell out very hefty amounts – Just sample this –
In the existing IPL Format – if teams are increased to 9 – No of Matches will expand to 76 – that means extra 16 matches and 872 Cr of extra licensing fee to BCCI
Will Star agree to such a hike ? Only time will tell. One can’t rule out change in format of IPL as well. 
IPL 2021 New Franchise addition : Challenges for BCCI as well
BCCI the IPL Owners –  BCCI without any doubt want to expand the horizon by increasing the number of teams for the next edition. They have taken some losses in IPL 2020 on account of reduced title sponsor values and extra expenditure in lieu of holding the IPL 2020 in UAE. Whether BCCI will release the tender for 1 team or straightaway they will release two teams can only be approved, ratified at said AGM. 
BCCI’s biggest challenge would be the time Constraint. In 4 months from now, IPL 2021 needs to be conducted. If BCCI has to include a new team – they will have to complete not only the tender process for the new addition but would also be expected to conduct Mega-Auction for IPL 2021 by January.