IPL 2021 Remaining Season: Now Sri Lanka Cricket offers to host remaining IPL 2021 matches in Sri Lanka

IPL 2021 Remaining Season: Now Sri Lanka Cricket offers to host remaining IPL 2021 matches in Sri Lanka
IPL 2021 Remaining Season: Now Sri Lanka Cricket offers to host remaining IPL 2021 matches in Sri Lanka

IPL 2021 Remaining Season – Sri Lanka Offers to Host IPL 2021 Phase 2: After the suspension of IPL 2021 amid rising cases of COVID-19 in India many countries are coming forward in the desire to host the cash-rich league. Following the trend, Sri Lanka Cricket has also offered to host the remainder of IPL 2021 in September. 

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“Yes, we can certainly provide a window to host the IPL in the month of September. We hear the UAE (United Arab Emirates) is their one option but Sri Lanka can not be ignored for all reasons,” said Prof. Arjuna de Silva and was quoted by Cricwire.

“We are planning to host the Lanka Premier League (LPL) in July-August and the grounds and other infrastructure will be ready for the IPL in September”, he added.

IPL 2021 Remaining Season: Why various countries are coming forward to host IPL Phase 2? 

IPL is world’s richest cricket league where BCCI showers monies on players, spend crazily on event organization. The Emirates Cricket Board (ECB) got richer by 98.5 Cr. by hosting IPL 2020 in UAE. Yes, you read it right, BCCI paid ECB almost 100 Cr as hosting and match staging fee for IPL 2020 in UAE.

IPL in UAE: BCCI paid 98.5 Cr to Emirates Cricket Board for hosting IPL 2020 in UAE

The boards like SLC doesn’t even earn half of these amounts annually. The commercials involved in IPL interests and attracts everyone.

IPL 2021 Remaining Matches: Options in front of BCCI?

As there is ICC Test Championship and ICC T20 World Cup to take place in 2021, BCCI is finding it difficult to get a slot for the remaining matches of IPL. BCCI President has already said that the IPL governing council will have to discuss with boards of other countries and see if a window can be made available for hosting the 31 matches left, before the T20 World Cup.

The BCCI will have to bear a loss of up to INR 2500 crores if the reminder of IPL 2021 does not take place. 

IPL 2021 Remaining Season Option 1 – UAE

The first and most likely option is to take the league to UAE. BCCI had conducted a successful IPL 2020 and might follow the same route for the remaining 31 matches. Furthermore, given the current situation, UAE can also be the venue for the upcoming T20 World Cup. The Indian players will finish their England tour on September 14, after which they can fly to UAE and serve the week’s quarantine and finish the matches.

IPL 2021 Remaining Season Option 2 – England

Moving to the United Kingdom is another option that is on the table. The BCCI can make use of the end of English summer to conclude the league. The Indian team will travel to England by end of May for the World Test Championship in June against New Zealand. They will be stationed there until the completion of the five-Test series against England.

IPL 2021 Remaining Season Option 3 – Australia

The Down Under will is the third option suggested to the BCCI. If BCCI decides, and the Australian government eases its policies in the next four months, Australia can for the first time host the Indian Premier League.

And now with SLC throwing their hat in the ring – 4th option has emerged for BCCI.