IPL awaits its ‘Mashoor’ moment


No Guthi. No more Rinku Bhabhi, who gets no ‘piyar’. Neither the doctor mashoor for the dose of laughter. This new avatar of Sunil Grover is draped in white flannels of gentleman’s game. With Sunny Leone in the support role. There comes the most hilarious moment for the Indian Premier League.

The actor is geared up to make an appearance on an app-based commentary on April 13 for a battle between Shah Rukh Khan and Preity Zinta’s teams. The IPL match between Kolkata Knight Riders and Kings XI, Punjab.

Sunil has tweeted a teaser about his IPL appearance. A video of his looks for the show is aslo uploaded on youtube.


Sunil is excited about the opportunity to be a man in men’s game.

Sunil says that he has asked the app makers to give him a challenge that didn’t consist of wearing bangles, sari or chura. On the contrary, he was asked to work out like the Indian Cricket team. He gives a smile and says, “You don’t know. Basically I am an athlete–” and lifts the weights as if they were light as feather, reports India Today.

Sunil is known for slipping into different avatars with ease and is equally funny in this video. His commentary will be live on UC News App.

After falling apart with Kapil Sharma following a mid-air spat on an international flight, Sunil was last seen at his live show in Delhi along with Kiku Sharda and also appeared on the finale of Indian Idol Season 9.

The extremely talented actor ever since has not appeared on the Kapil show, leading to a downslide in the show TRPs.


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