IPL: BCCI treasurer Arun Dhumal urges the critics to stop labeling IPL as a money-making machine

BCCI treasurer Arun Dhumal has expressed his frustration over the Indian Premier League (IPL) being called a money-making machine, saying, the revenues generated from the cash-rich tournament does not go to the office bearers in the board, but into the nation building.

IPL 2020 stands suspended due to the Covid-19 pandemic worldwide and the worsening situation in the country. Even as India is grappling with the virus crisis, the BCCI top brass is hopeful of hosting the IPL in the September-October window, provided the ICC decides to push the T20 World Cup to a later date.

Meanwhile, The BCCI has also been accused of showing desperation to host the IPL to make up for financial losses even though the there has been widespread transmission of the novel coronavirus.

In an interview with Crickbuzz, Dhumal said, “The IPL will only happen if it is safe to play. What do you expect – for how long should the players be out of touch with the game? There has to be some cricket that has to resume. This whole talk that IPL is a money-making machine, so be it. Who takes that money?

“That money goes to the players, that money doesn’t go to any office bearers. That money goes to the welfare of the nation, the travel and tourism industry, in terms of industries being revived, in terms of taxes being paid. So why opposition for the money?Money is paid to the players and all those people who are there to organise the tournament.”
Media has to change the stance and tell about the benefit of this tournament that is happening. If BCCI is paying thousands of crores in taxes, it is going in nation-building, it is not going to Mr. Sourav Ganguly or Mr. Jay Shah or myself. Right? So you should be happy if money is being made rather than money being spent on sports.”

Governing Council chairman of IPL, Bijesh Patel had earlier told IndiaToday.in that BCCI has been continuing its contingency plans for IPL 2020. Patel said the governing body is looking at the September-October window to host the IPL.

The 13th edition of IPL missed the April-May window but Bijresh Patel said the organisers are confident of hosting the IPL later this year.