IPL Dates & Schedule: For sake of longer window for IPL, BCCI agrees to 2 more ICC events in next cycle: Report

IPL 2021, IPL Dates & Schedule: For sake of longer window for IPL, BCCI agrees to 2 more ICC events in next cycle: Report

IPL 2021 Dates & Schedule – BCCI’s tradeoff with ICC? The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) agreeing to have one ICC event every year surprised many. The Indian board had strongly opposed the increase in the number of ICC event all these years & everyone was stunned with BCCI’s changed stance. But now it is being revealed – that BCCI’s change of heart was a mere ‘trade-off’. According to reports, it was a trade-off for the Sourav Ganguly led Indian board which seeks to increase the window for the Indian Premier League (IPL) from next season onwards.

On June 1’s general meeting, the ICC announced that it will expand and host one event every year — something that BCCI and Ganguly both opposed saying “less is more”. But as per reports, it is a trade-off that the BCCI agreed on it as it seeks to expand IPL, inducting two new teams. More teams mean more matches & more matches means – a longer free window for IPL 2022.

IPL Dates & Schedule – BCCI’s tradeoff with ICC? BCCI as announced earlier is looking to include two more teams in IPL from the next season. This will mean a longer window would be required to complete the season. According to reports, BCCI has got informal approval from ICC on the same.

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Earlier, BCCI, ECB (England and Wales Cricket Board) and CA (Cricket Australia) opposed ICC’s proposal of increasing ICC tournaments and bringing back the ICC Champions Trophy. However, all three have agreed as per a Cricbuzz report.

IPL Dates & Schedule – BCCI’s tradeoff with ICC? This is a clear change of stance for the earlier stand of the board. Sourav Ganguly, BCCI’s president said that ICC should follow FIFA’ World Cup model and stick to the “less is more” mantra. But things have changed since.

“Sometimes less is more in life. So, we have got to be careful with that. And the football World Cup happens every four years and you see the madness. That’s a decision the ICC has to make I’m not in a position to talk or comment on it. As and when I get an opportunity to be a part of the discussion, I will speak,” Sourav Ganguly said in 2019.

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But as it seems, the BCCI has made a deal with the ICC to green signal the global body’s plans of more ICC events in exchange for a longer IPL window.

IPL Dates & Schedule: Expanding to 10-team IPL on the cards  

With the BCCI approving the expansion of IPL from 8 to 10 teams from IPL 2022, the Indian board needed to increase the window from the current 54 days to at least 76 days to accommodate at least 76 matches. That extra 15-day window has been a problem as it needs the ICC to free a chunk of the calendar as during the period, not many countries play cricket for the sake of IPL.

However, the additional window will be required only if the BCCI manages to get its two teams by the end of 2021. For that, the BCCI was expected to call a tender in May but due to the 2nd wave of COVID-19 pandemic, the plans had to be delayed. At present, the BCCI still aims to induct two new teams with a tender process that it expects to call after the IPL 2021 is completed.

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  • Current IPL window is for 52-54 days
  • For the additional two teams, the window required is of 76 days
  • BCCI yet to decide on the expanded format whether it will be round-robin or five teams in two groups
  • For round-robin format, 94 matches will be played including the playoffs and the final
  • For 62 days or less, BCCI will need to have a lot more doubleheaders – which will not go down well with most of the commercial stakeholders

IPL 2021 Dates & Schedule: Bigger question is completing IPL 2021 and foreign players’ availability

However, more than calling a tender and inducting two new teams, the Sourav Ganguly-led board is focused on completing the IPL 2021. BCCI had to move 31 matches of IPL 2021 to the UAE after the tournament was suspended midway through the season due COVID-19 outbreak.

The BCCI’s Vice President Rajeev Shukla has said that the board plans to host the remaining IPL 2021 in UAE between September 19 to October 15. However, the dates and schedule for IPL 2021 Phase 2 have not been announced officially yet.

Furthermore, the other headache the board has is the foreign players’ availability. During the September-October window, England, Bangladesh and New Zealand will be busy playing bilateral series and warm-up matches for the ICC T20 World Cup and thus players’ availability will be a concern.

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BCCI will need to sort that out while also convince ECB to release at least a few players, who might not be picked for their tour of Bangladesh.

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