IPL Format Change: Big change in IPL format coming next year with inclusion of two new teams

IPL Format Change: Big change in Indian Premier League format coming next year with the inclusion of two new teams; BCCI, Sourav Ganguly

IPL Format Change – IPL New Teams: The Indian Premier League (IPL) is set to change its format with the introduction of two new teams from IPL 2022. However, despite the increase in the number of matches, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) is not ready for a 94-match window. Instead, it will go with a 74-match format that will see the IPL window expanding to 60 days. In doing so, the IPL will revert to the same format as it was in the 2011 season when it had introduced two new teams. That means instead of the current format of all teams playing against each other twice, now the 10 teams will be divided into two groups of 5 teams.

IPL New Format – How the new format from IPL 2022 will look like?

– 10 teams will be divided into two groups of 5 teams each

– All 5 teams in the group will play each other twice 

– All teams will be ranked based on points at the end of the league phase 

– The current format of playoffs will continue with one eliminator and two qualifiers before the final 

IPL Format Change: Big change in IPL format coming next year with inclusion of two new teams

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With BCCI negotiating an extended window for the Indian Premier League with ICC in exchange for giving the nod to one ICC event every year, the Sourav Ganguly-led board was expected to have a longer window. But in an internal presentation, it was revealed that neither broadcaster nor the board is ready to have 94 matches with future tours programme commitments. Instead, it will revert to the tried and tested format of two groups of five teams each with 74 matches.

“We are not ready for 94 matches yet. Our broadcasters are not ready. There are issues around overseas player availability and finding a suitable window. We will consider a bigger window in future years,” a BCCI official told Hindustan Times.

It is worth noting that this format is just tabled and proposed and is yet to ratified by the board or IPL Governing Council.

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IPL Format Change: What is BCCI exploring with two new IPL teams?

  • Introduce two new teams from IPL 2022.
  • Have a mega-auction with existing franchises allowed to retain only four players.
  • To have a 74-match format instead of 94 matches including playoffs.
  • It will shorten the duration and attract more audiences with more exciting matches.
  • Instead of a 54-day window, two new teams will see it expanded to 60 days maximum.
  • IPL will revert to the 2011 format of five teams each in two groups.
  • BCCI will gain Rs 800 crore more for 14 additional matches with two new franchises bringing in Rs 2,000 crore each.
  • Players will earn more from their IPL contracts as franchises will be allowed to have to increase the salary cap to Rs 100 crore.

IPL Format Change: If BCCI were to have a 94-match format with all teams playing each other twice in a home and away system, BCCI would have needed a longer window of more than two and half months. But the official broadcaster Star Sports had already warned that “fans dropping off as the tournament becomes longer and predictable”. Hence, instead of going with a round-robin format, BCCI will revert to a 74-match format with each team playing the other four teams in a group in a home and away system.

Then, facing four teams in the other group once and playing another team in home and away system. However, this formula isn’t largely popular.

With that, BCCI will bring in additional Rs 800 crore for additional 14 matches from the current broadcasters Star Sports. With the increase in inventory, the value of BCCI Media rights will further shoot up from IPL 2023 as the board is set to float the media rights tender at the end of the 5-year rights deal with Star India.

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Not only this with the inclusion of two new IPL teams will further fill the coffers of the board. According to InsideSport.co estimates BCCI is set to gain a minimum of 2000 Cr each from the sale of new teams.

IPL Format Change: However, one key area that will disappoint fans is player retention. As the BCCI will hold a mega auction ahead of IPL 2022, franchisees will be allowed to retain only four players — three Indian and one overseas or two Indian and two overseas. It will see some franchises losing key players.

“What this would mean is the cream of Indian cricket will be retained by the existing teams. Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli are not going away anywhere. Perhaps teams like KKR and RR who rely heavily on their overseas match winners may have to release key players,” a franchise executive told Hindustan Times.