IPL players supersede any other league in average match fee: Report

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It is an established and known fact that the Indian Premier League and Indian professional cricketers are miles ahead in commercial revenues than their contemporaries from across the world.

This also well-known and established fact that the cricketers, even the sport’s biggest brand icon Virat Kohli, comes nowhere closer to the top football, NBA, combat sports’ and tennis stars in career or annual earnings.

However, when it comes to per match average salary for playing in the Indian Premier League even the Messis, Mayweahters, LeBron Jameses and Matt Ryans of the sports’ richest world will envy professional cricketers. Conditions apply. The comparison, publishes in a report by The Guardian on the basis of the Global Sports Salary Survey 2018, is only for the per match average salary of the IPL and other professional players. The differentiator in fortunes are however the number of matches per annum, massive appearance fee and the global endorsement deals.

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The English Premier League remains the richest sporting league of all, with first-team squad players earning about £2.99 million annually on an average, states the report. In IPL, on the other hand, the players earn roughly about £274,624 each game and with the season lasting for only 14 games, their per game earnings topple those in the English top-flight by a margin of £78,703. The National Football League, meanwhile, sees its players earn about £138,354 each game.

What differentiates IPL from other leagues is that the number of games each team plays (14) is less than that of the number of games (38) each team in the Premier League is involved in. Not just that, the top teams in the EPL also play European competitions (Champions League, Europa League), while there are the League Cup and FA Cup for everyone in the division too. When taking into account the entire season, the salaries of IPL players are much less than those of the football players.

As the IPL entered its 11th season, the cash-rich league experienced a whopping 19% growth in valuation, reaching $6.3 billion as compared to $5.3 billion net worth it had in the year 2017.

As per the IPL brand valuation report released by Duff & Phelps, a financial advisory organisation – three-time IPL champion Mumbai Indians sit atop of all IPL franchises in terms of brand valuation with a net worth of $113.0 million in 2018; ahead of the Shah Rukh Khan co-owned franchise Kolkata Knight Riders who have a valuation of $104.0 million.

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