John Cena VS CM Punk: CM Punk takes a dig at John Cena over China-Taiwan apology

WWE News: CM Punk takes a dig at John Cena over China-Taiwan apology
WWE News: CM Punk takes a dig at John Cena over China-Taiwan apology

John Cena VS CM Punk: Former World Champions John Cena and CM Punk have had one of the most famous and decorated rivalries in WWE. Today, CM Punk has parted ways with the industry, and John Cena has become a part-timer, but the two don’t back down from pulling each other’s leg. 

In a recent altercation between the two, CM Punk trolled John Cena over China-Taiwan Apology. Earlier today, Cena issued a video apology to the fans in China after he mistakenly referred to Taiwan as its own country while doing a media promotion for his upcoming Fast and Furious movie’s 9th installment.

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The comment didn’t go well with the fans in China, and Cena received major backlash from the fans. Even after his apology, many fans weren’t satisfied as they wanted Cena to state that Taiwan is a part of China. Taking a dig at Cena’s apology, CM Punk changed his Twitter bio and wrote, “Taiwan is a Country.” Besides updating his bio, he wrote “New bio!” to draw everyone’s attention to his updated bio.

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WWE News: Fans weren’t happy with Cena’s comment!

Fans, especially in Beijing, weren’t impressed with Cena’s comments as they insisted that self-ruled Taiwan is a vital part of the country and not on its own. Cena promoted his movie in Taiwan as Universal Pictures (the production house) chose Taiwan for the digital premiere. However, the movie got released a few days later in mainland China.

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WWE News: John Cena eyeing a WWE comeback

News of John Cena making a comeback in WWE is making rounds. The 16-time World Champion and one of the most influential WWE stars- is expected to make a much-awaited return to WWE in July when the live audience will be in attendance. As of now, he is busy promoting Fast and Furious 9, but we may see him back in WWE soon.