John Cena will play as ‘Sandman’ in upcoming Spider-Man movie

WWE News: The 16- time WWE Champion John Cena is currently performing many new roles in Hollywood. Cena, who has played some terrific roles in some of his movies such as Bumblebee and Playing with Fire.

However, Cena once again posted a picture on his Instagram account with a cryptic message on it, and hinted that he will soon play a new role in the upcoming Spider-Man movie as a villain ‘Sandman’ in the MCU.


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Cena left no caption or explanation behind the image, leaving the internet to run wild with speculation. In the artwork, Spider-Man is drowning in sand while the Sandman towers over him with an arm transforming into a giant mallet. Also, it’s worth noting that the image of Sandman Cena chose is also sporting a haircut that matches his signature tight buzzcut look. It should be noted that this is Cena’s M.O. when it comes to Instagram, with the wrestler explaining that his posts are made “without explanation, for your interpretation.”

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The Sandman is the alter ego of Flint Marko, a former petty criminal, who was caught in the blast of an atomic bomb. While hiding out on a beach, Marko’s molecules become fused with the sand resulting in his abilities to shape-shift his body, have super strength and immense durability.

Marko has been both a hero and a villain in various comics but is most known for serving as a reserve member of the Avengers, and forming the super-villain team known as the Sinister Six. The Sandman was last portrayed by Thomas Haden Church in Spider-Man 3. In the opening of Spider-Man: Far From Home, a rocklike being that bears a resemblance to Sandman appeared as one of the “Elementals,” which leaves room for Flint Marko to return to the screen.

While no official casting announcements have been made, Cena is no stranger to genre films. In 2006, Cena’s acting career began in the action-movie genre and he recently landed his first blockbuster starring role in the Transformers’ prequel Bumblebee. He will next appear in Fast 9 that’s due out sometime next year, and as a Peacemaker in James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad that will debut on Aug. 6, 2021.