KFC launching football video game on Instagram

With the College Football Playoff Championship game on Jan. 11 and the NFL playoffs around the corner, KFC is hoping to capture consumers’ attention on social as they tune in for the most important matchups of the season.

According to SportTechie, KFC will launch its Kentucky Fried Football Challenge on Instagram next week. The branded football video game, created with the help Wieden + Kennedy, features over 30 animations and needed 35 Instagram accounts to finish.

George Felix, Director of Advertising for KFC U.S., told AdWeek that the company “wanted to create a unique gaming experience that combines everyone’s love of football, fried chicken and social media. The Kentucky Fried Football Frenzy uses Instagram’s native features in a creative and hilarious way that hopefully entertains fans for hours on end.”

According to AdWeek, consumers will be guided through a series of instructions on KFC’s Instagram account, starting with a “Start Here” tab before selecting what play they want to run. They’ll then be able to see how far they’ve moved the ball down the field, with the end goal of scoring a touchdown.

There are several clubs across leagues in the US which have been launching similar campaigns. Similar to KFC’s gamification marketing strategy, Jacksonville Jaguars have leveraged branded video in an effort to keep fans engaged, drive a deeper following and capitalize on the lead-generation tactic. At the start of the season, the Jaguars reintroduced a website, JaguarsArcade.com to create a pinball video game with corporate partner Anheuser-Busch/Bud Light.

Detroit Pistons had also recently announced the launch of a video game, becoming the first professional sports team to use interactive video technology to engage its fans. Through the online gaming experience, individuals can now compete one-on-one with a handful of Detroit players.