Khelo India Youth Games go green; electric cars for Assam edition

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The Khelo India Youth Games 2020 is not just creating a strong sports ecosystem in the country, but is also taking a strong pro-environmental stand. In a first-time initiative, Khelo India Youth Games will be using electric cars for inter-venue transfers or dignitaries.

The Electrical Vehicle Program will be promoted at the third edition of the Khelo India Youth Games which will be held from 10 January 2020 to 22 January 2020 in Guwahati, states a Press release.

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A total of four electrical cars will be deployed along with charging stations in different venues during the Khelo India Youth Games. Three vehicles will be used by the dignitaries, while one of the cars will be on display at one of the venues.

This activity will be carried out to encourage the adoption of electric vehicles which can cut the nation’s energy demand by 64 percent and carbon emissions by 37 percent in 2030. Currently, 1500 such electric vehicles have been deployed across 32 cities through which approximately 9000 tons of CO2 emissions have been avoided and 2400 tons of oil equivalent fuel has been saved.

“Along with promoting the sports culture in India, Sports Authority of India also focuses on conserving the environment. We have a go-green policy in all our SAI centers as well. That is the reason why we are promoting electric vehicles in Khelo India Youth Games this year. If the majority of people in India are encouraged to purchase electric vehicles, it will make a huge impact on the betterment of our environment, which is the need of the hour,” said Rohit Bharadwaj, Secretary, Sports Authority of India.

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