Kobe Bryant boosts business portfolio with body care line for athletes

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Former National Basketball Association (NBA) star Kobe Bryant has announced the launch of ‘Art Of Sport’ – a new performance-driven body care line for athletes.

The 40-year-old has been a partner of Art Of Sport since it was founded last year by German-American entrepreneur Matthias Metternich. The company will offer products including deodorant, antiperspirant, hair and body wash, sun cream and soap bars which have been developed by skincare scientists with insights from the firm’s athlete partners.

“Everything from what athletes wear and consume to how they recover has continued to evolve,” said Metternich, who serves as the company’s chief executive. “We didn’t see anyone transferring that same level of innovation and consideration into what athletes apply on their skin. By working with the best scientists and best athletes, we’ve created body and skincare products that can keep up with the performance needs of athletes at all levels.”

Art Of Sport is already backed by an impressive roster of sports icons including reigning NBA MVP James Harden, Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Juju Smith-Schuster, 2016 World Series champion Javier Báez and various action sports athletes such as professional surfer Sage Erickson.

The launch of the new company marks Bryant’s latest move into the world of business, including a media and storytelling portfolio that was launched as part of a $100 million joint venture with his business partner Jeff Stibel.

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The Oscar-winning star also made a $6 million investment in sports drink BodyArmor in 2014, just three years after the company was founded. ESPN’s Darren Rovell says Bryant’s investment is now worth more than $200 million after Coca-Cola recently purchased a minority stake in the brand.

“An athlete, at any level, is always focused on how to improve,” said Bryant, commenting on the launch of his latest venture. “With Art of Sport, the goal is simple – provide innovative body care products designed for sports performance.  We brought together the best minds in skincare to develop products that allow athletes to stay focused on competition.”

“I get up at 4 a.m. and get to work. That same competitive spirit is what we’re trying to do with this brand. To compete with ourselves to create the products that we feel are the best that we can make,” the former Los Angeles Lakers star added further. Bryant has played his entire 20-year NBA career with LA Lakers.