Kofi Kingston’s injury details revealed, based on some reports he wants some rest

WWE News : Last week on SmackDown Live when Kofi Kingston explained about his injury which he occurred at Extreme Rules, however which left the WWE Universe in aghast. As he also told this to Big E that he will be out of in-ring action for next six week which means Big E has to run the show on his own.


According to sportskeeda’s Tom Colohue on his podcast the Dropkick DiSKussions, that Kofi Kingston has been given some rest because of heavy workload. However, he is doing just fine and the injury was the story part to sent him off TV.


He also explained that further this is a great opportunity for Big E to prove his dominance in singles competition while in the absence of New Day’s other member.


Kofi Kingston’s brief WWE Hiatus



WWE has reportedly told its talent team that they can take break from their work for some while due to this Covid-19 pandemic. Nevertheless, they just have to inform the company about their desire to take a break, and then creative team can come up with a way to write them off TV.


Recently, we have illustrate this recently that lot of WWE superstars have done the same to take a break from WWE due to this Covid-19 pandemic. Superstars like Daniel Bryan who also took the sudden hiatus from WWE for this very same reason and then, Kevin Owens who also took the hiatus from WWE while ago but returned shortly, however, Sami Zayn relinquished his Intercontinental Championship during this period without providing any reason but according to some reports, the reason is same Covid-19 pandemic.


This is what Tom Colohue has to say on Kofi Kingston’s little break from WWE :



“Kofi is absolutely fine. He has just been given six weeks off to take a quarantine period, go and see his family, take a quarantine period and then come back to work.”

“The WWE have mentioned to every member and talent they have in that locker room. They ave said to them, ‘if you want to opt-out of working, if you want to go and spend some time with your family, just tell us.’ That’s where Daniel Bryan is at the moment, that’s where Kevin Owens was for a couple of weeks. If you want to spend some time away, come to us, we will find a way to write you out, all you have ask you is to give us the time to do that in a way that it makes logical sense. That is what happened with Kofi, and I’m sure he’ll be very happy to be Big E’s buddy and be in Big E’s corner cheering him on when he does return.”