Kohli beats PM Modi in twitter strike rate

Kohli beats PM Modi in twitter strike rate - InsideSport

Virat Kohli is the best. The man who is setting the cricket world and endorsement markets ablaze with his amazing conversion rates on and off the field has also taken the twitter world by storm. The Indian cricket team captain has recorded the best strike rate even in percentile growth for followers on Twitter.

Twitter in India 2017 report – Year on Twitter – reveals brand Virat Kohli as the fastest growing celebrity in terms of fan following on the social media platform. The fan following for Kohli, India’s biggest brand icon, has grown by an amazing 61% during 2016, the period covered in the report. This is a handsome 9% lead over Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the most followed Indian on twitter with a 37.5 million fan base and a 52% growth rate.

Sachin Tendulkar is placed second behind Kohli with a 56% growth rate and 21.7 million followers. Deepika Padukone is the only female among the top ten Indian celebs list, dominated by Hindi film stars. PM Modi is the lone politician in the table.

Twitter Followers Growth Rate, India - InsideSport

According to a Broadcast Audience Research Council report, viewership ratings show an up to 31% upswing when Kohli happens to be on crease. Female contribute 60% of this number. During the India-Sri Lanka series, viewership has dropped by 50% every time he has been out.

He is the only cricketer in the Forbes’ highest paid 100 athletes list. He is the No. 1 cricketer in ESPN World Fame 100 chart, placed in the 13th position followed by Mahendra Sigh Dhoni as the only other cricketer among the first 15.

Duff & Phelps have rated Kohli as India’s most valued celebrity brands, who also commands the best values and revenues in the Indian brand endorsement market.

The value conversion for brands on each rupee invested on Kohli ‘the run machine’ is on a par with what brand associated with Christiano Ronaldo gets in conversions. Ronaldo is the highest paid athlete on Forbes Top 100 list for 2017.