Kohli’s one8 brand to enter bottled water business

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Virat Kohli’s brand One8 is reportedly planning an expansion into the consumer goods market with bottled water business. The Team India skipper in November last year has launched brand One8 with a range of athleisure, apparels and sports shoes.

One8 had also earlier last year tied up with the Kolkata-based Lux Industries to create a range of premier innerwear and sleepwear. Now, the brand is eyeing a major diversification into food and beverages with the planned launch of flavoured bottled mineral water.

“Yes, plans are on track to launch packaged water, flavoured and vitamin waters under the brand One8,” Virant Kohli’s brand manager Bunty Sajdeh, chief executive of talent management company Cornerstone Sport & Entertainment, has confirmed to Economic Times. “We expect to finalize details as early as this quarter,” ET has quoted him as saying.

Kohli has earlier last year declined to renew his endorsement deal with aerated, carbonated, sweetened drink brand PepsiCo. The 29-year-old has reportedly declined the deal as he would himself not consume the drink which was injurious to health. However, that certainly not be the case with the bottled vitamin water as India’s biggest brand icon himself is reported to be very particular about the water brand he consumes.

According to reports, a one-liter bottle of the Evian water brand Kohli consumes costs ₹612.

Economic Times, quoting Sajdeh, has reported that talks were on with third parties for manufacturing and distribution tie-ups. “We can’t disclose details of who we are in talks with… We are expecting to close the deals next month,” Sajdeh is quoted as saying.

One8 is likely to further expand the business in packaged food and beverages.

Kolhi at present is endorsing more than 15 brands besides the ownership of fitness centre chain Chisel, tech startup Sports Convo, Wrogn and One8.