KPL to apply tech-based smart cricket coaching system

KPL to apply tech-based smart cricket coaching system- InsideSport

Karnataka Premier League, the flagship Twenty20 cricket league established by the Karnataka State Cricket Association, is set to witness a smart cricket coaching system that will track players’ performance and enable coaches to deliver tailored recommendations.

RX Cricket Academy has announced a partnership with SeeHow, a sports technology startup that will enable RxCA’s coaching system to be enhanced by SeeHow’s smart cricket ball and a data driven training system.

The partnership will pilot SeeHow’s smart cricket ball in cricket training sessions and mainstream use of analytics among cricketers. RX Cricket Academy plans to launch its smart cricket training programme incorporating analytics from SeeHow’s smart cricket ball to track players’ performance and deliver tailored coaching recommendations.

RX Muralidhar, KPL team Mysuru Warriors head coach and BCCI Level 3 coach, strongly recommends the smart training programme for young cricketers to improve their game: “Bowling is all about the way you feel. If you are running in with hope, you are only hoping. You have to run with belief that you are the one who will take the next wicket. You can only create that belief by statistics and data, not by wishful thinking or broad generalizations. Unfortunately, there is no data right now. SeeHow has the potential to change that and we are looking forward to using their technology.”

Dev Chandan, founder and CEO of SeeHow explains how the technology works. “We have built a smart cricket ball, which looks, feels and plays exactly like a standard cricket ball. But it contains a tiny sensor that measures aspects of bowling like speed, spin and seam position. RxCA shares our vision of data-driven coaching at the grassroots level and are pleased to partner with them to understand the intricacies of day-to-day coaching and build a system that will bring tremendous value for the cricketers. The ball will initially be used as a training aid, but can also help franchises in talent assessment.”

The KPL will also serve as a perfect test ground for the smart training programme to analyse and further develop the technology.

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