La Liga net Rs 20,500 cr; 33% from TV rights


For the first time ever, Spain’s La Liga has reported over €3 billion (Rs 20,500 crore) in revenues, more than a third of which was due to broadcasting rights sales.

According to the latest edition of the Professional Football Financial Report, La Liga’s total revenues reached €3.034 billion (Rs 20,500 crore approx) during the 2015-2016 season, up 15.9% on the previous campaign, representing an increase of almost 50% compared with five seasons ago.

TV rights management has been revealed as La Liga’s main source of income, especially after the selling process was reorganised and centralised. However, La Liga expects to see the real effects of the revamped broadcasting rules at the end of the current season.

For the 2015-2016 season, broadcasting revenues increased by €270.7m (Rs 1,848 crore), a 31% rise compared with the previous season, to reach €1.125 billion (Rs 7,861 crore) – over 37% of the total invoiced by La Liga’s football clubs and sports associations (SAD).

Match day incomes, invoiced every time a Spanish team such as FC Barcelona or Real Madrid plays in a continental or international competition, are the second source of revenue for La Liga, followed by product commercialisation and advertising.

“The report points to an increase in revenue, improved performance and a reduction of debt, and confirms that the restructuring process in Spanish football has been brought to fruition,” said Javier Tebas, La Liga president, who went on to note that it may take a few more seasons to achieve the desired stability at certain individual clubs, due to their particular circumstances.