Lakers vs Suns Game 3 NBA Playoffs Scores: Lakers win 109-95, Take a 2-1 lead in the series

Lakers vs Suns Live Game 3 in NBA Playoffs: LA Lakers vs Phoenix Suns- 28th May NBA LIVE stream, watch online, Schedules, Date, India time, Live Link, Scores: Lakers win 109-95, Take a 2-1 lead in the series

Lakers vs Suns Quarter 4

Jae Crowder follows Booker as he gets ejected as well.

Devin Booker has been ejected for that foul on Dennis Schroder.

Another review. They’re looking at whether or not that foul on Dennis Schroder was flagrant. Just as in Game 2, the final minute of this game is getting extended with fouls and replay.

The Lakers seem to have regained control here. They’re now up 10 with only a minute remaining, but the Suns made them sweat far too much at the end here.

The Lakers have a maddening tendency to play with their food before they eat it, and that came out here tonight.

Lakers get the lead back to 10. 103-93 with 1:03 left.

Now Ayton can cut it to seven at the line. The Suns just keep chipping away at this thing.

There’s a 3 from Jae Crowder and the Laker lead is down to eight. There’s a bit less than three minutes remaining.

B2B turnovers and the Suns are within 9.

Another 3 for Cameron Payne and this is suddenly a 12-point game.

The Suns probably don’t have enough time to mount a comeback, but the Lakers at least have to leave their best players in the game now.

Montrezl Harrell just picked up a technical foul from the bench. He hasn’t played since Game 1, but he’s still actively participating for the Lakers on the sideline.

LeBron is toying with Jae Crowder right now. That reverse layup is the culmination of a 15-2 run that has the Lakers up by 21. This game is essentially in the books.

The Marc Gasol 3 certainly feels like a clincher. The Lakers are now up 19.

And just like that, the lead goes back to 15. LeBron makes the layup, misses the free throw, but Wes makes a 3 off the offensive rebound. It’s a five-point possession.

Davis is remaining on the floor to start the fourth. The Lakers must want to put the Suns away quickly, but that’s dangerous if they can’t do so. Davis has only gotten six minutes of rest thus far.

It’s 76-63 after three quarters, and this game has finally found a little bit of offense again.

The Laker defense is taking away all good shots from the Suns, who are now 6-of-22 on 3’s.

Lakers vs Suns Quarter 3

LeBron James and Anthony Davis have both missed dunks in the last few minutes.

LeBron James is scoring or assisting on virtually everything for the Lakers right now.

The Lakers have broken this game wide open. It’s 59-46, but that doesn’t tell the whole story here. Phoenix has 18 points in the last 18 minutes. Their offense has been completely neutralized.

The Lakers very nearly just caught the Suns napping for yet another lob to Anthony Davis. He ended up getting fouled, so it’s the same general effect.

Timeout Phoenix.

The Lakers have pushed the lead up to 49-40. They are just bludgeoning the Suns in the paint right now.

They’ve had to do it with their shots not falling, and it’s working.They’re so big that they can generate slow, grind it out points that way. The Suns can’t. If their guards can’t create shots for them, they’re toast.

LeBron just has not been in attack mode thus far in this series. The Suns’ defense has done a great job of walling off the paint, but ultimately, this is LeBron James we’re talking about here. Nobody can keep him away from the basket at full strength.

Hopefully, this is a sign that he’s getting closer to that level of health.

DeAndre Ayton is 5-for-5 from the field thus far. That makes him 26-of-29 from the field in the series. He’s literally one shot away from 90 percent.

His points were going to come off of being in the right place at the right time. They aren’t really running plays for them, and he hasn’t needed them to. He’s taking what he can get and it’s working wonders for the Suns.

Lakers vs Suns Quarter 2

We have played 10 minutes in this second quarter, and the Lakers and Suns have combined for only 23 points. This is a very low-scoring quarter.

Anthony Davis is limping a little bit. That was an incredible chase down block, but he ran into Devin Booker afterward. He’s staying in the game, but is in some visible pain.

That’s nine turnovers from the Lakers. I hate to say this, but I think, to some extent, that’s proof that LeBron is not fully healthy.
The rest of this team isn’t used to handling the ball as much as it has had to. A healthy James would have the Lakers humming offensively.

We’ve gone cold so far in the second quarter. Through almost half of the second quarter, the Lakers and Suns have scored only 11 total points at 33-33.

That’s another mid-range jumper for Chris Paul. He’s hit several thus far. Even if he’s not at 100 percent, he basically couldn’t shoot in Game 1. This is serious progress.

Lakers have Andre Drummond back in the game for the third shift (start of the second quarter). He’s already played plenty in the first quarter, so he’s probably not going to play the whole second.

Therefore, it seems likely that the Lakers are planning to go small with Anthony Davis at center for the end of the half. They could go to Gasol as well, but that has tended not to be something they do too often at the end of the first half.

Lakers vs Suns Quarter 1

Andre Drummond struggles to catch and hold onto the ball, and it costs the Lakers possession frequently.

The Lakers just had Kentavious Caldwell-Pope shoot a technical free throw. Last year, Anthony Davis almost always took the technical shot, but his free throw percentage has fallen by more than 10 percent this season.

Anthony Davis is okay. It looks like he’s staying in the game, but remember, the Lakers have already lost one timeout through a challenge. That costs them another one. It’s something to watch here. Rarely do you see a team burn through two timeouts in such a short span of time.

Anthony Davis just took a shot in the face and is in serious pain. It looked like it came after the play from DeAndre Ayton. The Lakers are taking a timeout to look at Davis. It was totally inadvertent by Ayton. His elbow was coming down after the shot attempt.

LeBron just posted up Bridges, hit him with the spin and the finish. He wasn’t going to that move into the teeth of the defense in Game 2. LAL up 12-7.

Very, very smart veteran play by LeBron James there. He pulls a play out of Trae Young’s playbook with the sudden stop to draw a foul, except he does it in transition just to get the call on Devin Booker.

The Lakers would love to get Booker into foul trouble in this one considering how important he is as a shot-creator with Chris Paul hobbled.

The Lakers have gone to that Schroder-Davis pick-and-pop twice already.

It’s clear that the Lakers want to get Davis going as a jump shooter, which makes sense after all the time he spent in the paint in Game 2.

Smart play by Dennis Schroder, but it doesn’t work out. He throws out the full-court press to try to generate a turnover on an inbounds pass and is almost successful. The Lakers need to put pressure on Chris Paul with his shoulder hurting.

Lakers vs Suns Starting 5 and Pre-Game Updates

After tying the series 1-1, the Lakers will come back to Staples Center, Los Angeles to face the Suns in the Suns in Game 3 of the NBA Playoffs 2021.

It was a huge bounce-back especially for Anthony Davis who had a terrible Game 1. AD scored 28 points and had 10 assists in Game 2.

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