Lakers vs Suns NBA Scores: Lakers win 123-110, Anthony Davis scores 42 points

Lakers vs Suns NBA Scores: LA Lakers vs Phoenix Suns-May 10- NBA LIVE stream, Watch Online, Schedules, Date, India time, Live Score, Result Updates, Standings, Scores: Lakers win 123-110, Anthony Davis scores 42 points

Lakers vs Suns Quarter 4

AD’s last B2B games with at least 36 points came on 12/6 and 12/8 least season (39 and 50).

He had 36 at POR, and 37 with 3 min. left here.

Bad foul by Booker there with Phoenix rallying to get within 7. He reached in on AD on the perimeter with LAL in the bonus. Davis hit the first, with the 2nd coming after a time-out.

Lead is 116-108 with 3:46 to play.

Suns got within 10 with 6 minutes left, a typical benchmark for teams to make a final push.

Matthews countered CP3’s 3 with an and-1, however, to put LAL back up 12 at the 5:46 mark into a time out, with the FT coming.

Cameron Payne is keeping Phoenix alive almost singlehandedly here, with B2B 3’s and a layup to start the 4th Q to get him to 22 points on 8 of 9 FG’s (4 of 5 3’s), closing a 23-point gap at the 11:46 mark to 13 at the 7:57 mark.

LAL’s lead is at 108-95.

If Phoenix loses tonight, their chances at being the No. 2 seed increase considerably.

If Utah goes 4-0 or 3-1, they’re No. 1.
If Utah goes 2-2, PHX has to go 4-0.
If Utah goes 1-3, PHX could go 3-1.
If Utah goes 0-4, PHX could go 2-2.

NBA Scores: Lakers vs Suns Quarter 3

Up to 31 points already, AD is 10 of 19 from the field and 10 of 10 at the line.

LAL lead 87-70 with 2:34 left in the 2nd Q.

AD had 36 points on 15 FTA’s at Portland on Friday.

Caruso just picked up his 3rd and 4th PF’s on the same possession, which isn’t a good thing for LAL against the PHX backcourt that LAL have contained thus far (Booker and Paul a combined 7 for 17 for 20 points). Still 7:25 in the 3rd as THT checks in.

LAL have an 8-2 edge on offensive boards, and Drummond has 6 of them.

It’s an 11-5 2nd chance points edge.

Lineup change for Phoenix, going with Dario Saric to start the 2nd half (Torrey Craig started the 1st). They have Deandre Ayton on Davis and Saric on Drummond.

It was a good first half for LAL, though PHX did manage to gain some momentum in the final 1:31 with an 8-2 run to get within 12 (59-47) at the break.

NBA Scores: Lakers vs Suns Quarter 2

Coming off his 36-point, 12-point, 5-assist effort at POR, Davis has 20 points on 8 of 13 FG’s with 5 boards, 1 steal, and 1 block with 1:31 left in the 1st half and LAL up 57-39.

All-NBA First Team level Anthony Davis has returned to the fold in these last 3 full games he’s played.

LAL has already missed 6 FT’s tonight. They’re 12 for 18, compared to PHO going 6 of 8. Lakers have definitely been the aggressor in terms of earning trips to the charity stripe.

They lead 48-35.

Drummond’s foul trouble has lasted the last week, it seems, as Gasol checks in at the 7:03 mark after No. 3 tonight.

Not that it’s part of the plan or anything, but Drummond can play more aggressively with such a good option on the bench.

A determined put-back from Drummond through several Suns has LAL’s lead at 41-26 at the 7:30 mark of the 2nd Q.

They’ve held PHX to 38.5% FG’s and forced 7 TO’s.

Davis got away with a goaltend on one end, and THT scored on the other as LAL hold a 33-21 lead early in the 2nd Q.

A strong 1st Q for LAL despite a buzzer-beating 2 from Chris Paul, which trimmed the lead to 30-19.

Anthony Davis had 12 points on 5 of 7 FG’s and 2 FT’s, plus 2 boards and 1 assist.

NBA Scores: Lakers vs Suns Quarter 1

Vogel is now 15-8 on challenges after winning an early one here, as AD cleanly stripped Devin Booker.

Vogel lost his last one, at Portland on Friday, on the Lillard/Caruso foul that didn’t appear to be a foul.

The first time we’ve seen Gasol and Harrell play together. PHX has Kaminsky and Crowder as their backup 4/5, and both are 3-point shooters.

Terrific start for LAL tonight, as they take a 15-4 lead, hitting 6 of 10 FG’s and holding PHX to 1 of 5 FG’s with 3 turnovers.

AD is 4 for 5 from the field, following up his 36-point night at Portland. Meanwhile, Gasol is in early for Drummond (2 PF’s).

LAL open with a 7-0 lead after AD’s first bucket, an alley-oop from Drummond.

LAL open with a corner 3 from KCP off an AD kicks out, then a transition layup from Caruso off a turnover as things get underway against the Suns.

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