League of Legends: 2 Million players register for 6,312 tickets to watch League of Legends Worlds final Live

Last week, Riot Games confirmed that this year’s League of Legends Worlds final will be played in front of a live audience inside Shanghai’s Pudong Football Stadium.

Around two million LoL fans have already applied for Worlds 2020 final for just 6,312 tickets . The prospect of a live audience after around nine months of online play or crowd-less offline matches is tantalising not just for League of Legends fans but general esports fans too.

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“This is the 10th anniversary of our world championship held under unprecedented circumstances,” said Jarret Siegel, Riot Games head of events for esports to ESPN, “so we are pleased that we can work closely with local experts and our Riot China team to provide some fans the opportunity to watch the world’s best esports competitors in-person at this incredible venue.”

It will be the first event held at the brand-new Pudong Stadium.

How to get League of Legends Worlds Tickets

Tickets will be free through a raffle, which fans can enter through either the League of Legends Pro League website or through the League of Legends China client.

In order to sign up for the ticket lottery, fans must:

  • Have a Lv.30 account in League of Legends;
  • Provide real name and ID details.
  • Have or Register for a QQ account.


LPL journalist Ran translated the Weibo post on her Tumblr page. “Worlds hosting this year has been extremely complicated due to covid19, it is greatly appreciated that Riot made this year’s worlds happen,” the post reads. “For finals, under clear instructions from local government, there will be 6,312 tickets for the audiences to grab, through a lottery program designed by Riot themselves.”

 The fans will be able to enter a lottery from Oct. 12 to 14 to try and win a free seat at the Worlds Finals. Winners of the ticket lottery will be announced on October 16, just two weeks before the Finals take place. 

Those who will win a seat will have to pay a deposit that will be reimbursed after attending the show. There will be no tickets, but only a list with the IDs of fans who will get the seats. A system of face recognition will also be operated at the event to prevent the spots from being sold.

 Fans entering the venue will be subject to body temperature checks and will be required to wear masks among other safety measures, Riot told ESPN.

The huge amount of applications for tickets is a testament to Worlds’ stature in the esports scene. Last year’s event saw 15,000 watch live in Paris and the semi-final match between T1 and G2 Esports became the most viewed esports match of all time with 3.9 million tuning in on streaming platforms.