League of Legends most popular eSports game and tournament: ESC report

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In the year that has seen Players Unknown Battle Grounds (PUBG) making deep inroads into eSports world, League of Legends has emerged as the most popular eSports event of 2018. PUBG in spite of an unprecedented rise has a long way to go for catching up with the table toppers.

The League of Legends has edged past the 2018 World Championship in the list of the top 10 “Most Popular ESports Tournaments of 2018”. According to the data published by the ESC.watch.com the League of Legends World Championship viewers have spent a total of 73.4 million hours on YouTube and Twitch. The same event had registered 71.8 million viewership hour in the previous season.

Dota 2 and ELEAGUE Major in the second and third position, respectively, too have made significance gains in numbers to hold on to their respective positons, while FACEIT  Major London has moved into the top ten chart for the first time with 47.2 mn viewership hours. League of Legends Mid-Season Invitation has lost out on its position in the top 10 ten chart following a sharp fall in the audience.

*Graphic courtesy: www.esc.watch

The Most Popular ESports Games and Biggest Tournaments of 2018 table has PUBG Global Invitational 2018 in the fourth position. The top three places are occupied by the League of Legends World Championships 2018, Dota 2 The International 2018 and the Counter Strike LEAGUE Major 2018.

League of Legends tops eSports top 10 chart; PUBG still long way to go: Report*Graphic courtesy: www.esc.watch

However, the Overwatch League (Stage 1-4) with 66 million hours viewership for the 555 hours of content has pushed the League of Legends events to the second and the third positions – NA LCS Spring 2018 with 16.9% share being No. 2 and the EULCS Spring 2018 comes next.

*Graphic courtesy: www.esc.watch

ESC Watch has analysed the most popular eSports events of 2018, the year which witnessed a spree of tournaments, leagues and other kinds of events.

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