League of Legends: Riot Games Hints at LOL version of Among Us

Over the past year, Riot Games have introduced new games to accompany League of Legends, finally expanding their catalogue. After the most recent Valorant which is very similar to CS:GO in gunplay, they are now looking towards the recently viral game Among us.

Instead of space and astronauts, what if you could play Among Us using Sona, Master Yi, Lee Sin, Seraphine, and even Lillia around the LoL universe like Demacia and Ionia?

Riot Games asked if the user would be interested to purchase a multiplayer social deduction game that features “League of Legends” characters and locations. But that’s not all, there will be mysterious, unique locations and the ability to deceive other players. It says that the gameplay is similar to “Among Us” or “Town of Salem.” The said game would be available for both Android and iOS mobile devices.

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Riot Games may have opened up the possibility of this picture to officially happen sometime soon. The company has created a series of surveys asking players if they are interested in purchasing a different genre of video games that still use the same League of Legends champions and locations we’ve known and loved.

In addition to the possible League of Legends x Among Us title, Riot is also keen on exploring special game genres like RPG, strategy, and even something similar to Hollow Knight’s Metroidvania style.

Some users were not pleased saying that Riot Games always copy whatever games are trending. Others said that this could be another rip-off. User @DocDJ even said that the game might use “League of Legends” characters but it won’t give any benefit to the creators of “Among Us” which is InnerSloth.

Riot has not yet released any detailed information on the above-mentioned games, but the possible project combining League of Legends and Among Us is definitely something that the community would be willing to play in the future.