League of Legends Wild Rift may launch in India in December

lol wild rift release date in India

Riot announces League of Legends Wild Rift release plans: LOL mobile game to hit EU in December along with other beta regions as well. The other regions have not been confirmed but most likely it will be released here as well. Indian gamers are eagerly waiting for LOL wild rift release date in India.

League of Legends developer Riot Games announced that the mobile version of the game, Wild Rift’s open beta starts on October 27th in Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, South Korea and Thailand, with more regions to follow. Wild Rift is now available to pre-order for iOS in these specific regions.

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According to the App Store page, the game will be available on 28th October, so there’s not too long of a wait for folks in those regions. The App Store page also confirms the minimum requirements for the game on iOS, which is a device that can operate iOS 9.0 or later. It also states that Wild Rift will take up 1.9 GB of space, though naturally, you can expect that to increase with further updates.

Europe, Taiwan, Oceania and Vietnam are due to get the game in December, with North America gaining access in spring 2021.

Developers apologize for League of Legends  Wild Rift delay

While this is good news for fans eagerly awaiting the game’s release, players in the Americas may have to wait a bit longer to play the game.

This will certainly be disappointing for League fans in North and South America who wanted to play the MOBA on Android and iOS. Last year, Riot announced that it planned on getting the game to most regions around the world by 2021. With today’s announcement, it seems like that goal should be achieved.

Feral Pony, the design lead for League of Legends: Wild RiftWild Rift, took to Twitter a couple of hours ago to apologize to the fans for not being able to get the game ready for all the regions by the end of 2020. They say that the only reason the game has been delayed is due to Covid.

“We only warned now because we kept pushing to release it in 2020 everywhere but that proved, in the end, to not be possible. I get that it sucks. It sucks for us too. We announced 2020 in 2019 and 2020 has turned out to be a terrible year to ship a game, esp one of this scale. :(”

Lee Sin comes to LOL Wild Rift

Popular jungler from the PC version of League is coming to Wild Rift. Lee Sin will be available in the game through a new patch coming later this month. The champion has been optimized for mobile-friendly controls.

If you’re unfamiliar with League of Legends Wild Rift it’s a mobile version of the popular PC MOBA. It’s not a straight port, however, with the game being rebuilt from the ground up for phones. This has given the development team licence to change some champions slightly, such as some targeted abilities have become skill shots.

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