Learn Chinese, Communist Party history for playing football in China

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China aims to be a global football power. Expatriates will have an opportunity to represent the country but they will also have to learn the Chinese language and the history of the Communist Party.

“Naturalised players should be given traditional Chinese cultural education and learn Chinese history and the situation,” State media reported quoting new regulation released by the Chinese Football Association. “Clubs should make a Chinese language learning plan and maintain patriotism. Naturalised players should be able to tell the national flag and emblem and sing the national anthem,” the regulation said.

Learning the Communist party’s history and the Chinese language are now part of the mandatory skillsets required for naturalised Chinese citizens to play football in China.

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The regulations also put the onus on clubs to track the players’ progress in learning the history of the Communist Party of China’s (CPC) history and their thoughts. The clubs must submit a report on the progress to the CFA every month. “Grassroot party organisations should promote and teach the history and basic theories of the Communist Party of China.” Clubs should assign people to be responsible for tracking the naturalised players’ thoughts, life, training and matches, and hand in a report every month, news agency AP has reported.

A new edict passed by the Chinese Football Association (CFA) says naturalised Chinese footballers should be well-versed about local culture, the symbolism of the country’s flag and be taught lessons on patriotism. The players should also be taught China’s national situation and national conditions.

A Chinese-language learning plan must also be submitted and a monthly report on the players’ progress in all fields submitted to the CFA each month.

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