LeBron James Fortnite Skins: King Attire, Space Jam Uniform, Taco Tuesday, and More

LeBron James Fortnite Skins: LeBron James is coming to Fortnite with his own customized skins, including his King Attire.

The game revealed skin of the Los Angles Lakers star Monday, including James rocking in his Tune Squad uniform.

LeBron James Fortnite Skins: Check out Official LeBron James Trailer

LeBron James Fortnite Skins: The skin includes three outfits: one of James as a king, another of him wearing a shirt with a taco on it (think Taco Tuesday), and a final one featuring him with the Tune Squad. The release of the skin coincides with the upcoming debut of his Space Jam: A New Legacy film, which is set to hit theaters and HBOMax on Friday.

LeBron is the first NBA star to receive a Fortnite skin in his likeness. Athletes in other sports, like Neymar and Harry Kane, have their own skins.

LeBron 19 Sneakers: A few weeks away from the release of Space Jam: A New Legacy, Nike has unveiled an all-new apparel line with merchandise featured in the movie.

The Space Jam: A New Legacy collection is highlighted by the LeBron 19 sneakers with a design that encapsulates the world the movie is set in.

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In designing the LeBron 19, we were definitely guided by what was happening in the film,” said Jason Petrie, Nike Basketball footwear designer. “We wanted to give LeBron a brand-new feeling that was synonymous with an otherworldly, space-age kind of look.

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Maverick Carter, who is LeBron James’ business partner and a producer on the movie explained the unique relationship between Nike and Space Jam: A New Legacy:

The biggest moment in the movie for our characters is the final game. It culminates into this epic showdown with real consequences for everyone playing. The game matters. So when a kid sees the characters wearing Nike gear, their imagination makes the connection that Nike gives you the tools to uncover the best version of yourself.

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