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Taking a fan’s experience to the next level, Fanatic Sports is a sports enthusiast’s dream come true. It is the leading sports ticketing and experiential travel company in India with international offices in Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong and North America. They offer tailor-made travel experiences to the world’s premier sporting events. Fanatic is an IATA accredited travel agent & has been operating as a dedicated sports travel company since December 2013. In just 4 years of existence, Fanatic Sports has risen sufficiently & successfully catered to over 800 fans traveling to the Rio Olympics as India’s first ever Exclusive Authorised Ticket Reseller.

Fanatic Sports is officially associated with right-holders like IOC, ICC, FIFA etc. Hence, giving them the right way to market the event aptly and effectively, and help fans secure the official tickets.

A 360 Degree Sporting Experience 

Raghav Gupta, Founder & CEO , Fanatic Sports - InsideSport
Raghav Gupta, Founder & CEO, Fanatic Sports

Raghav Gupta who started out as an entrepreneur producing Iron & Steel under the name Shricon currently is the brainchild of Fanatic Sports. He comprehends “Fanatic Sports is a venture for the fans, by the fans. Our sporting tours are organized with adept planning and are fuelled by our passion for sports. For the passionate sports traveller, we are a game changer, as we provide the ultimate thrill – a 360-degree sporting experience that brings you closest to the live action.”

Fanatic offers customized ‘Hospitality tours’ matching corporate & personal travel requirements. The tour crafted by Fanatic maximizes client’s relationship and networking. Raghav further adds, “Our packages include official match tickets, flight ticket, luxurious accommodation, VIP hospitality, unique sporting experiences, stadium transfers and exciting sightseeing tours apart from a host of other bespoke travel services all designed to bowl you over.”

The Fanatic Community – Building a Sports Enthralled Journey

With a 25+ member team, the company follows a work culture that liberates their employees to provide one of the best services in the industry. Over the years, Fanatic has grown exponentially well. Enthusiastically, Raghav says, “In a short span of time we’ve achieved a lot. Achieving what we did at Rio was a proud moment for us. The sole agent for Commonwealth games, getting a license for rugby sitting in India, trying to expand into Singapore and Dubai, take a 1000 people to the Champion’s Trophy – all this was very challenging, but we took up the challenge and we did it. Having said that, in a country this big, what we have achieved is minuscule. We hope to achieve much more”

Further enumerating he asserts “Our agenda is to tap into the massive fan base that India enjoys. Tap into people’s passion. Create an experience at every level for every stage of clientele, for every scale of clientele. Most important of all, Fanatic Sports is for everybody, we are here to convert India into a multi-sports country. The fandom that we are trying to create will be one that will be infectious. By the next ten years, we will have a fanatic community which will create its own roadmap. Fanatic will be a force of its own.”

Raghav Gupta, Founder & CEO, Fanatic Sports with Sachin Tendulkar

Live your dreams

If you are you a sports lover who dreams of the sporting legends and wants to be on the field with them, if you dream of sharing the  moment when history is made in a distant land by the sports hero from your city – You can stop dreaming and start living the story simply because, Fanatic Sports is here to turn your dreams into reality!

Love cricket? Get the best seats and rub shoulders with the stars as you are put up in the same hotel as the Men in Blue. A Master class with Jonty Rhodes, or Cocktails with Gary Kirsten, or Living an adventure at Kruger Park or a Swim with sharks are the dreams you get to live with Fanatic Sports.

The experience at Fanatic sports doesn’t stop at cricket.  

Fanatic Sports - A leading sports ticketing and experiential travel company in India -InsideSport

Adrenaline pumping in? If this is how your dream vacation looks like then, don’t wait.

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The year 2018 never looked as exciting as it does on their webpage!

This is your chance to be a part of experiential sports travel that doesn’t need you to break any sweat – just sit back and savour the event. Fanatic Sports will take you there!