Liverpool highest earning football club on YouTube: Study

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Liverpool is the highest-earning football club from YouTube. The Premier League giants are reaping an estimated $663,940 per month from its content on the digital video platform.

Data, compiled by football tickets outlet, has revealed that Liverpool overall are placed third among the YouTube football channels for its monthly earnings calculated at $ 663, 940. Sky Sports Football ($1,060,192) and the F2 Freestylers (US $716,157) are in the first and second position respectively.

World Football governing body-run FIFA TV is in the fourth position with estimated monthly revenue of $503,870, followed by FC Barcelona ($415,552).

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Ecommerce company Sellfy’s own platform has evaluated YouTube’s top 20 ranked dedicated football channels.

The YouTube Money Calculator evaluates a channel’s potential earnings via Adsense revenue based on cost per mille (CPM) – how much a partner pays per 1,000 views – and estimated earnings from selling merchandise, using Sellfy’s in-house data, states the report.

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Here are YouTube’s Top 20 highest-earning football content platforms.

1.Sky Sports Football: $1,060,192

 2.F2Freestylers: $716,157

 3.Liverpool FC: $663,940

 4.FIFATV: $503,870

 5.FC Barcelona: $415,552

 6.Manchester City: $222,689

7. Chelsea: $186,146

8. Arsenal – 169,317

9.The True Geordie: $165,305

10.UEFA: $128,033

11.  Paris Saint-Germain: $121,316

12. Real Madrid – $85,880

13. Football Daily – $82,516

14.Juventus – $79,652

15. WeSpeakFootball – $62,200

16.HeilRJ Football Channel – $57,920

17. COPA90 – $39,627

18.TalkSport: $20,360

19.Slash Football: $9,190

20.The Football Republic: $8,752

The study also reveals that subscribers alone do not guarantee income. Table topper Sky Sports Football’s channel has only 1.5 million subscribers, compared to 8.15 million subscribers on the FC Barcelona channel, which generates less than 50% of Sky Sports Football’s over one million dollar monthly earnings. Liverpool has 3.23 million subscribers.

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Among the eight football clubs in the list, all Premier League entities – Liverpool, Manchester City, Chelsea, and Arsenal – are among the top ten. Paris Saint-Germain are the only side from France’s Ligue 1 and Juventus, similarly, are the sole representatives from Serie A. There are no Bundesliga teams in the top 20.

YouTube has more than 1.9 billion users and, according to research by Brandwatch, has seen the number of channels earning more than US$100,000 a year from the platform increase by 40 percent year-on-year.

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