Livpure RO puts on air promotions TVC featuring Sachin

Livpure RO has released a 25 second TVC featuring Sachin Tendulkar. The brand, with an aim to capitalize on the monsoon season, has highlighted the adverse impacts of impure drinking water.

A clean source of water is the primary requirement for any household. With the onset of monsoon safe drinking water is of utmost important so that we can protect ourselves and our families from various water borne diseases. Making this its sole objective, Livpure has come up with Livpure Smart RO water purifier, read a Press Release from the brand.

The one minute TVC revolves around Sachin’s concern about how impure drinking water adversely impacts the dreams and aspirations of India’s future generations. After all, if all the future Sachin’s fall prey to the health hazards of impure water, who will play for the country?

And as a bigger message, Sachin urges the entire nation to protect these young dreams by giving them access to clean drinking water, thus encouraging the nation to use Livpure RO water purifier.

The concept of the film comes from the insight of how consuming impure tap water, has led to in numerous health problems in India. And for kids, who are the most vulnerable, these health hazards directly affect their ability to pursue their dreams. As a result, India is losing a lot of potential talent that could’ve contributed to making the nation great. Thereby, the ad campaign highlights the importance of pure drinking water to safeguard the dreams of future India.

“We wanted to educate all by making a larger statement that consumption of impure water leads to chronic illnesses & hence limits the growth potential of India as a nation. Sachin is being used as a protagonist to urge nation to drink purified water,” says Sushil Matey, Director – Marketing, Livpure.

“More than just creating a good ad, we wanted to create a compelling movement, focusing on a topical societal issue – kids not being able to fulfil their dream because of impure drinking water. The end phrase ‘Come-on India, Livpure’ is a clarion call by Sachin,” said Raj Kamble, Founder & CCO, Famous.