MCA agrees to implement Lodha Committee Reforms

MCA agrees to implement Lodha Committee Reforms - InsideSport

The Maharashtra Cricket Association managing committee has decided to adopt the Lodha Committee reforms.

The members unanimously decided to implement the reforms during the managing committee meeting. The reforms will become effective following a formal nod at the Special General Body Meeting, to be held later this month.

The State cricket association has also decided to implement and support any further modifications from the Supreme Court.

MCA will become the fourth member of BCCI to accept the Lodha Committee recommendations. Vidarbha Cricket Association was the first BCCI member State to adopt the Lodha reforms in October 2016, followed by Tripura and Rajasthan.

It is also learnt that Uttar Pradesh has also decided to adopt the reforms which have been opposed by them earlier along with 20-odd cricket associations.

Sources said MCA members had earlier circulated internal emails on possible financial sanctions from BCCI for not implementing the reforms.

Former BCCI secretary and MCA president, Ajay Shirke, who earlier stood against the Lodha reforms, is said to have supported MCA managing committee’s move. Shirke was sacked by Supreme Court in January 2017 from his secretarial position for failing to get the board to accept the Lodha committee’s recommendations.

“The financial health of MCA isn’t that good and that is why time has come to move forward and implement the reforms,” Times of India has quoted an MCA source as saying.

This move from MCA looks timely as the apex court-appointed Committee of Administrators is all set to take strong action against the associates who are resisting the reforms.