Men u-24, 25+ women top football content consumers in India: Report

Men u-24, 25+ women top football content consumers in India: Report - InsideSport

If you thought football in India is followed primarily by men. Think again.

A report published by ZaprMediaLabs – TV Analytics on Football Fans in India: Did FIFA make a lasting impact on ISL? – has revealed a surprising tend. In the 25+ age group among Indian football fans, women watch the maximum football on television.

The traditional hub of football in India, Kolkata continues to be the City Maximum for its love for the game even as the balance of power on the field has shifted out of the City of Joy.

                                                                  Infographic Credit: ZAPR

Zapr Media Labs had studied millions of football fans across two major football tournaments last year – the FIFA Under-17 World Cup hosted by India and nation’s premier football league ISL – for reach, audience spill-over, geographic penetration and user affluence.

FIFA U-17 had opened with the highest reach record of 4.7 million TV viewers for 2017. However, 10th Oct witnessed a drastic dip from 2.8 million to 1.3 million following India’s elimination from the tournament the day before. The tournament picked up its TV following in the next few days and closed with 3.8 million tuning in for the final showdown between England and Spain, states the report.

Surprisingly, women’s in the 25-34 age group with 36% were the largest group following U-17 FIFA World Cup on television. Among men, the 18-24 age group contributed to the maximum number of TV viewers for the FIFA U-17. This youngest bracket accounted for 37% of the Indian men watching FIFA U-17 on television, the 25-34 age group accounted for 36% FIFA U-17 TV content consumption.

The trend continues for the ISL as well as 41% men in the 18-24 group and 38% women in the 25-34 age groups continue to dominate the TV viewership data in their respective categories.

                                                                       Infographic Credit: ZAPR

At Zapr, our TV analytics technology can further map out sports audiences by leagues, channels and affinity – light, mid and hardcore sports viewers, states the report.