Minimum ₹26 lakh per annum for Indian domestic cricketers: Rai

Minimum ₹26 lakh per annum for Indian domestic cricketers: Rai - InsideSport

The Indian domestic cricketers are all set to make a minimum of ₹26 lakh in salaries for each season.

The windfall from the Board of Control for Cricket in India will not just be limited to the international Indian cricketers, who have been offered lucrative central contracts by the BCCI. The domestic players’ “salaries” too will go up corresponding to the 26% share from the cricket boards’ gross revenues.

This means a cricketer playing for a season in the Indian domestic cricket, including Ranji Trophy, Duleep Trophy and other limited overs formats, stands to earn a minimum of ₹26 lakh – a jump of nearly 160%.

BCCI’s Committee of Administrators’ chairman has clarified that Indian domestic cricketers’ pay packages too have been revised along with the BCCI central contracts for the Indian international cricketers. The players will continue to get 26% share from BCCI’s annual revenues.
“If a domestic cricketer was making around ₹10 lakh per season, he will make ₹20 lakh up front from BCCI and another ₹6 to 7 lakh from BCCI’s gross revenue share to make it ₹ 26 lakh,” Times of India has reported Rai as saying.
“This is quite a jump from what the domestic cricketers were making in the past. Earlier, they were paid ₹10,000 per day. Now, they will get ₹35,000, which is a considerable jump,” Rai said.

The cricketers will get their money directly from BCCI. Players from the teams going past the knock out stages and those going to represent zones and stand to gain more. “Of course, if certain teams play more matches, they would be paid more because the number of days will go up,” Rai has clarified.

BCCI from its gross revenue disburses a total 26% among the cricketers – 13% is earmarked for international players’ central contracts, 10.6% goes to the domestic players and the women and juniors players get a mere 2.4%.