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IPL Moneyball : IPL’s richest star MS Dhoni the top Income Tax payer in Jharkhand

By By Kunal Dhyani - July 24, 2018

Indian Premier League’s highest-paid star Mahendra Singh Dhoni has become the top Income Tax payer in ... Read More [+]

IPL MONEYBALL: Qualifier Trump Cards’ Report Card for IPL playoffs

By Kunal Dhyani - May 22, 2018

The Indian Premier League 2018 playoffs kick off with the ‘REAL’ Best vs Best contest – ... Read More [+]

IPL MONEYBALL: Performance report of the highest paid players for 2018!

By Kunal Dhyani - May 10, 2018

Kings XI Punjab star player KL Rahul is emerging as the star player for the Indian ... Read More [+]

MONEYBALL: What is making IPL keepers the big hit!

By Kunal Dhyani - May 5, 2018

Wicketkeepers, with few exceptions, have emerged the true heroes for their respective teams in the Indian ... Read More [+]

Why does Kohli rank behind Dhoni, Rohit in IPL?

By Ashish Khanna - April 7, 2018

Indian Premier League has rightly justified itself as the ‘cash-rich’ league – a catchcall term to ... Read More [+]

Indian Premier League 100 crore salary club

April 7, 2018

The Indian Premier League’s ₹100 crore salary club is a very exclusive club which includes players ... Read More [+]

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