Mother of cricketing battles beating all market records


Mother of all cricketing battles it will be seen again as India and Pakistan lock horns in their 2017 ICC Champions Trophy opener at Edgbaston on Sunday. Viewership on television worldwide is set to go past 1 billion mark, second only to FIFA finals. The TVR in India is expected to reach an unprecedented 18+. The frenzy amongst brands to capitalise on this rare opportunity has already shattered all commercial barriers.

STAR Sport is left with no commercial spot to offer even as brands are ready to pay Rs 30 lakh / 10 seconds. One of the most visible brands during IPL, Gionee has acquired 12 spots for Sunday’s match. An aggregate broadcast time of two minutes. At a premium.

“Well, from the media planners point of view it is almost impossible to reach 17-18 % of the population at one go. So while there is a premium to be paid it is like the super bowl in US. It is always the highest rated program in the year, because of the value only large brands are on it and in terms of impact will have the highest scores,” says Ms Nandini Dias, CEO, Lodestar UM India, country’s leading service provider in advertising services.

The last time two neighbouring rivals met on the cricket field during the World T-20 tie, TVR in India has touched 17.3, an Indian record for any sports, and global TV audience figures have gone past one billion.

“This is the only match that is watched across all ages. The people irrespective of their age or gender are somehow involved with this cricketing frenzy. Even the states that have shown less interest in this sport, like Tamil Nadu, then there are North-eastern states, who have shown very low visibility over the years, now they are also watching a game between India-Pakistan. The best thing is that the match is on Sunday. Most people are at their homes and relaxing. And what can be better than to enjoy such a huge match with friends and family. Netizens go crazy and social media buzz starts pre-match with trending hashtags and lot of memes. During the match every ball, wicket or a six calls for an update on social media platforms,” says Arshad Nizam Shawl, Director, Aliance Advertising and Marketing.

“India Pakistan match across any sport always gets disproportionate viewing . in the recent years it has got accentuated due to heightened tension across the countries and the added restrictions and infrequency of games. These matches generate so many emotions and get reduced to a battlefield. And has the capacity to alter the mood of the nation,” says Ms Nandini Dias

Even the commercial and promos created around the Indo-Pak tie generate unprecedented, unmatched interest. STAR has dumped it’s previous campaign “Mauka Mauka”, build around Indo-Pak rivalry with a new SABSE BADA MOH theme. The TVC on youtube has registered 24 views in two weeks’ time. The second sleak version has gone past 11-lakh figure in a week’s time.

“Different brands use Champions trophy/cricket for different purposes. We have Coke , Samsung , Amul … number of brands leveraging the tournament. At the basic level the awareness always jump after cricket and more so after an India Pak match. But brands which have had an offer or a promo /contest during cricket matches have always found the ROI very good and cost effective,” opines Ms Dias.

On-ground slots too have a premium when it’s India vs Pakistan cricket. So is the demand for tickets. The tickets for the June 4 tie were sold off as early as two weeks back. On Edgbaston streets there are fans ready to pay up to four times of a tickets face value. There are no sellers.

All takers for an Indo-Pak tie with no team ready to give an inch.