French Open Finals : Nadal beats Djokovic in straight sets, wins 13th French Open title

Rafael Nadal has beaten Novak Djokovic in straight sets to win his 13th French Open title. With his 20th Grand Slam title, Rafa has equalled record of Roger Federer’s record of most number of Grand Slam titles. BRILLIANT STUFF

LIVE UPDATES: Nadal leads 6-0, 6-2, 7-5

9:22 Nadal wins the 13th French Open title. 20th GRAND SLAM title overall. He has equalled record of Roger Federer’s record of most number of Grand Slam titles. BRILLIANT STUFF

9:20 : Is it all over for Djokovic. Rafa is serving for 13th French Open title. 2hours and 38 minutes and NADAL serves for the match

9:17 Nadal has a break point. His 17th, he has already converted 6. Oh my God it is double fault by Djokovic. 5-6 to Nadal.

9:15 Again pressure on Djokovic. 0-15 Nadal. Great serve by Djokovic 15-15. This should give confidence to Djokovic, great smash 30-30.

9:12 High tension in the air. Smart play by Nadal, forhand pushes Djokovic to corner 30-15. Another miss by Djokovic 40-15. Nadal is all pumped up, he should close this. Game to Nadal 5-5. Djoko continues missing the line

9:10 12 time champion will be serving to stay in the set. Its test of character for Nadal. Oh he missed the forhand 0-15 Djoko. Now Djoko missed the line 15-15. This is real nervy stuff.

9:08 Good serve and volley underpressure by Djokovic. He needs to close this. Yes he has, he leads 5-4. Can he break NADAL now to close this set ?

9:05 Deuce. Oh again that drop shot. No Djokovic no. It’s advantage Rafa. Good high kicking serve by Nadal its deuce again

9:03 Djokovic’s drop shots strategy is not at all working with Nadal. Nadal is too quick. Score 30-30 as Djokovic serves to stay in the match

9:00 Another unforced error by Djokovic. 4-4 Unforced errors too high by Djoko. 40 to 15 by Rafa.

8:58 Nadal serves. 15-0 after a long rally. It’s 15-15, Djoko now matching stoke by stoke with Rafa. Heavy forhand by RAFA after high kicking serve. 30-15. Djokovic is making Nadal run but it is not enough 40-15

8:56 Djokovic is really back, he leads 4-3. Not giving up.

8:53 Match is not over – Djokovic breaks Nadal. 3-3. After 2 hours and 11 minutes he gets his game.

Novak Djokovic has turned up to this final! He grabs the break with a backhand winner and lets out an almighty roar. He waves his arms to the crowd. “Come on” he shouts.

8:50 13th French Open title & 20th overall Grand Slam title is now looking a reality for Nadal. 15-0. Its almost impossible to beat Rafa on clay. 30-30. Rare Unforced error by Nadal, Djoko has a breakpoint. Can he convert this ? No he can’t – its Deuce. Another chance for Djoko, brilliant rally. 2nd break point for Djokovic.

8:44 Djokovic broken again. 3-2 Rafa leads

8:42 Djokovic is getting confident. Great forhand winner 0-15 on Nadal serve. Beautiful drop shot by Nadal it is 15-15. Another error by Djoko after such a long rally 30-15. This time inside out return by Djokovic on weak Nadal serve, score 30-30. Crucial point. Deep Serve by Nadal 40-30. Beautiful return by Nadal – exquisite, he holds 2-2

8:35 Djokovic had a better game. Tried hard and stayed in. He leads 3rd set 2-1

8:31 Djokovic problem is errors. He is not staying in the ralles. Pace of Nadal is creating problems for Djoko. He needs to hang on

8:28 Nadal holds 1-1. Djoko is trying but Nadal’s level is not at all dropping.

8:25 DJOKOVIC 1:0 NADAL A comfortable hold from Djokovic as he starts well yet again. Can he keep it up? Novak to serve first in the third set.

How does Novak Djokovic turn this final around? 

8:18 Nadal again holds easily. Its one way traffic here. Takes 2nd set by 6-2

8:12 Little breather for Djokovic, he wins 1 more game. only 2nd game in 1hour 28 mins of contest.

8:08 Leave aside game, Djokovic is even struggling to win points against Rafa. Rafa again holds by love

8:07 oh my goodness, Nadal was down and out in this point. Mesmerising retrieving by Rafa 40-0

8:05 : Nadal serves, Pure Magic from the Spaniard. After seeing that first break point snuffed out with an ace, Nadal finds a winner of the highest order to give himself another opportunity. 30-0

8:01 PM : This definately is the rally of match. What brilliant retrieving by Rafa. Another break of serve by Rafa. He leads 4-1. Djokovic is in huge trouble

8:00 PM Djokovic has double faulted thrice, another unusual display by the Serb

7:56 Most crucial sevice game for Djokovic. If he fails to hold this, I am afraid it will be difficult for him to make a comeback in the 2nd set.

7:55 PM Nadal holds – another error by Djoko. Nadal leads 3-1

Beautiful Insideout forhand by Rafa, its advantage Spainiard

7:53PM We are seeing error prone Djokovic today. The world no1 is now under pressure. 0-15 Novak seals the point with an overhead smash. 15-15 Serve and volley from Nadal. First of the night. Djokovic with a straight return and Nadal easily puts away the volley. 30-15 Novak’s service shoots long of the baseline.40-30 Rafa leads 40:40

7:51PM Rafa Nadal breaks again 2-1

7:50 PM Novak Djokovic’s ploy of drop shots not working against very swift Nadal again brekpoint for Spainiard

7:48 PM Djoko is strangely sedate, making unusual unforced errors but saves break point

Break point for Nadal

*Djokovic 0-6 1-1 Nadal Was that out? The umpire Damien Dumusois is out to inspect. It’s bad news for Djokovic as the Frenchman raises a finger to signal the ball was long.Break point for Nadal. Big moment.

7:42 What rally – Nadal holds, set score 1-1

7:40 15-0 A 186 KM/H ace from Nadal! 15-15 IN! Djokovic, from the corner on the left, nails his backhand down the line with perfection. Nadal didn’t even move.

7:37 After lot of struggle Djokovic is finally on the board. He somehow hold his serve. Starts 2nd set with a hold to lead 1-0

7:33 What retrieving by Nadal – Brilliant.

7:32 Second Set Starts, Djokovic yet to open his account. He doesn’t have any answers to Nadal’s tenacity.

7:28 FIRST SET: Nadal wins 6-0

15-0 Open space and Nadal makes no mistake. Zips to the net for a comfortable winner. 15-15 Novak responds with a cracking winner down the left right flank. Lovely down the line backhand.  30-15 Another unforced error from Novak, overhits his return. 40-15 THREE SET POINTS TO NADAL as Novak drags his backhand cross court wide of the sideline. NADAL DOES THE UNTHINKABLE! SOME MIGHT SAY, HE’S DONE IT AGAIN! IN 45 MINUTES, HE SERVES THE BAGEL TO DJOKOVIC!

Who would have imagined that Nadal will be serving to serve Djokovic the bagel.

7:12 PM Nadal wins leads 4-0

3 break points Djokovic had on Nadal serve, all have gone for waste but still the Serb doing better in the 4th game.

7:10 PM Djoko had a break point on Nadal’s serve but could not pass through Rafa. The rallies are really getting longer

7:07 PM Nadal is finding such angles that is getting difficult for Djoko to retrieve.

6:59 PM Nadal breaks again, leads 3-0

A couple of times we’ve seen Rafa really attack Djokovic on his forehand side. Rafa has definitely found his range on the backhand even in these early stages.

6:52 PM Nadal holds, leads 2-0 Novak looks a bit nervy.

 When he gets up to the net against Nadal, Nadal lobs him every time. He knows that even if Novak makes a smash he’s not likely to hit a winner off them.

6:45 PM Nadal breaks Djoko in the opening game. The first game showed what is about to come tonite. long rallies, beautiful court craft and brilliant strokeplay

It’s so hard to pick between the two of them. It may not mean much but the first point goes to Djokovic as Nadal punts the ball long.

6:35 PM The duo don’t seem to be looking each other in the eye as the umpire brings them together for the coin toss – Rafa still bobbing up and down. No two pro tennis players have  played each other more often.

This is going to be good.

Rafa looks like a caged fighter as bounces up and down in the corridor before emerging onto court. Djokovic follows him out moments later with his Serbian face mask on.

6:31PM Both the players are on the court now to take a shot at history

6:30 PM Less than 5 minutes to go for the blockbuster clash. The Serbian is 37-1 in the win-loss record in 2020. His only loss, of course, was the default.

6:29 PM Nadal vs Djokovic rivalry

Nadal and Djokovic have battled it out in eight of these Grand Slam finals before. They are tied at four wins each in such meetings. The first was back in 2010 at the US Open, Nadal winning in four sets. Their most recent Slam final meeting was at the 2019 Australian Open. Djokovic won that one comfortably in straight sets.

Their most recent match of any kind was at the ATP Cup in January. Djokovic won 6-2 7-6 (7-4).

6:22 PM : The world is different in 2020 but some things never change.

Today, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic meet for 56th time and once again compete for one of tennis’ biggest prizes.

Will it be number 20 for Rafa or an 18th for Novak? Stay with us to find out.

6:18 PM There’s lots to play for tonight. Nadal: If he wins, he will equal Roger Federer’s record of 20 Grand Slam titles. This is will be Nadal’s 13th French Open title.

No other other player has a won a single Grand Slam more. Second best is Margaret Court- with 11 Australian Open titles.

6:15 PM : Djokovic – Nadal warming up for the dream duel

5:45 : Despite of being World No. 1 Djokovic will start as underdog today at 6.30 PM against Nadal aiming for his 13th French Open title

5: 30 PM : Breakdown of Federer, Nadal and Djokovic’s Grand Slam titles

– Federer- 8 at Wimbledon, 6 at the Australian Open, 5 at the US Open, 1 at the French Open

– Nadal- 12 at the French Open, 4 at the US Open, 2 at Wimbledon, 1 at the Australian Open

– Djokovic- 8 at the Australian Open, 5 at Wimbledon, 3 at the US Open, 1 at the French Open

5:10 PM : Nadal says “he must improve to beat Djokovic’
This will be meeting number 56 between the two. 29 of those has gone to Djokovic and 26 to Nadal.
4:53 PM : Can Nadal win his 13th French Open to equal Federer’s record of 20 grand slams ? The GOAT Race !
Federer – 20
Nadal – 19
Djokovic -17
4:45PM : Nadal vs Djokovic the Battle Royale will start at 6.30PM IST
French Open finals scheduled for Sunday.  One of the most storied sporting rivalries between the top seed, Djokovic  and No.2 seed and defending champion Nadal will add another chapter on Sunday evening as they locks horns for the Roland-Garros title for the third time. 
Djokovic and Nadal have squared off at every Grand Slam event and at Sunday’s conclusion, either the Serb will have closed the gap on Nadal’s tally to one major title and two shy of Roger Federer, or the 12-time champion will draw level with Federer’s record 20.
Here’s a look at this most intriguing of match-ups.

Nadal vs Djokovic LIVE Head-to-head RECORDS

Fifty-five prior encounters, 29 of those to Djokovic, 26 to Nadal – the most tour-level match-ups in the Open Era. It is a catalogue of clashes on every surface, from their first at Roland-Garros 2006, when Djokovic retired with a back injury, to the final of this year’s ATP Cup in Sydney, which he won before capturing an eighth Australian Open title. 
This will be their 16th meeting at a major – 9-6 in Nadal’s favour – and their ninth in a Grand Slam final, which they stand tied at 4-4. It will be their third Roland-Garros final, with the Spaniard having won both previous ones. Nadal has claimed six of their seven matches in Paris; the Serb being one of only two men to have beaten the King of Clay at his most successful Slam.
Of their 25 meetings on the red dirt, Nadal boasts a 17-7 record, including their past three. However, Djokovic has claimed 14 of their past 18 showdowns overall. 

Nadal vs Djokovic LIVE : Champions speak before the finals –

Djokovic on facing Nadal:
“He won this tournament so many times that I don’t think any player has won that many times any tournament. He’s lost twice in his entire career on this court… Yeah, I mean, look, regardless of the conditions, he’s still there, he’s Rafa, he’s in the finals and we’re playing on clay. Best-of-five playing him in the finals at Roland-Garros, I know that feeling. I did lose to him on this court most of the matches that we played, but I also won one match in 2015 in straight sets in quarters.”
Nadal on facing Djokovic:
“The only thing I know is to play against Novak, I need to play my best. Without playing my best tennis, situation is very difficult. I know that it is a court that I have been playing well for such a long time, so that helps. But at the same time he has an amazing record here, too, being in the final rounds almost every single time. It is one of the toughest opponents possible.”
Where to watch Men’s Singles Finals between Novak Djokovic vs Rafael Nadal LIVE ? 
In the Indian Sub-Continent, French Open Finals will be broadcasted LIVE on Star Sports 2 and Star Sports Select 2. The Finals will also be streamed LIVE on Disney+ Hotstar. Other than this Tennis Fans can catch all the News Updates, Draws, Live Scores, schedules of the French Open on InsideSport.co
Djokovic vs Nadal battler will be LIVE STREAMED @ 6.30 pm IST.