NBA 2021: Where do the Champions LA Lakers stand as we approach midseason?

NBA 2021: The 2019-20 Champions LA Lakers currently have a 24-13 record in the Western Conference. At home, they are 11-8 and on the road, the Lakers are 13-5. Unable to impress as much as they did last season, the Lakers are in the 3rd seed. Suns and Jazz are the top 2 in the conference.

Although, the Lakers have been poor in their last 10 games, winning just 3 and losing 7.

First half summary

The defending champions continued their range of solid if not dominant play by staying near the top in the Western Conference and maintaining their profile as a title favorite. Speaking of persistence, James once again seemed strong in his 17th season, dodging injury and performing at a Kia MVP-type level.

His shooting area has never been better, and once again he’s the team’s best facilitator. He has drastically improved his 3-point percentage. Having help from Dennis Schroder and Montrezl Harrell found valuable parts and are better than the players they returned from a season ago.

The only hazy effect is Anthony Davis’ durability. He sustained a calf injury that benched him for nearly three weeks, a time period that perhaps was precautionary as well, he is out of the NBA All-Star Game.

LA Lakers roster

The biggest question going into the second half

The Lakers have been unlucky with the injury of their dominant big man Anthony Davis. The forward is set to miss the All-Star game as well.

Although, Kuzma’s development seems to have hindered a bit. Two seasons ago he was observed at best as a possible third star on a good team.

If the Lakers manage to get Blake Griffin before the trade deadline, they will have another big man in addition to Marc Gasol and Montrezl Harrell. While Griffin is not the force he used to be in the league, he can definitely help the Lakers with the rotation.