NBA Draft 2020 Free Agency: Schedule, Types of Free Agency; All you need to know

NBA Draft 2020: After weeks of debate regarding the start of the new NBA season, the NBA and the NBPA have come to an agreement to tentatively start the new season on December 22. With the training camp starting on Dec. 1 and the NBA draft on Nov. 18, the two parties will move up the start of the Free Agency as soon as possible.

The Free Agency would have begun on the 18th of October, but the dates for the NBA Draft as well as the Free Agency have been pushed back.

Starting the Free Agency right after the draft will help players accommodate to their new teams faster. It will be a busy week for the teams considering that the NBA Draft and the Free Agency will take place back-to-back.

Restricted Free Agency:

In the Restricted Free Agency, the player can sign an offer sheet with any team. Although the player’s original team will have the right of first refusal by matching the terms of that offer.

Unrestricted Free Agency:

An Unrestricted Free Agent is free to sign with any team he wants without the interference of his current team.

With huge losses faced by NBA Franchises, they cannot spend as much money as they did in the previous Free Agencies.

However, once the salary cap numbers for different teams are finalized, they will have a better sense of what is available to them. This year’s Free Agency might not be as exciting as last year’s where we saw Kawhi Leonard join the LA Clippers.

The salary cap will not increase more than 2% from the previous year ($109,140,000).