NBA Playoffs Finals 2021 Live Stream: When is Game 1? Date, time, schedule, prediction, watch live in India

NBA Finals 2021 Live Stream: When is Game 1? Dates, time, schedule, prediction, watch live in India

We are at the business end of the NBA Playoffs 2021. In the Eastern Conference Finals, the Hawks are facing the Bucks while the Clippers and the Suns have locked horns in the Western Conference Finals.

NBA Finals 2021 Dates: When will NBA Finals 2021 happen?

Currently, with the Conference Finals still some way off concluding, the NBA has not published all the details about the overall schedule that is to be followed for the 2021 NBA Finals.

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The Western Conference Finals Game 7 is scheduled for 2nd July while the Eastern Conference Finals game 7 is scheduled for 5th July. However, this is subject to change according to the performances of the teams.

The NBA had previously issued a provisional date (July 6th) for Game 1 of the Finals. However, Game 1 will be postponed to a later date if the Eastern Conference Finals require a 7th match, something that could yet happen as things currently stand.

NBA Finals 2021 Predictions:

NBA TV coverage: NBA Finals Live in NBA Playoffs 2021

NBA games will be broadcasted nationally across ESPN and TNT.

NBA Playoffs 2021 Live stream: NBA Finals Live stream

Every game will be available live via NBA TV, while the nationally broadcast game will also be available via ESPN digital platforms.

NBA Playoffs Schedule: Find the latest NBA Playoffs Schedule