NBA Free Agency 2020 Big Trades: Check the 3 biggest trades of the NBA Free Agency 2020

NBA Free Agency 2020 Big Trades : A lot of trades have gone down since the NBA Free Agency 2020 opened on the 22nd of November. While there are still players like Anthony Davis and Brandon Ingram that have not yet decided, a lot of big names have switched teams. We are grading the top 3 biggest trades in the NBA Free Agency 2020.

Each franchise’s goals are different. Short-term changes are more effective for contenders, while asset inflation is the name of the game for the rebuilding set.

NBA Free Agency 2020 Big Trades : Grading the top 3 biggest trades

1. Chris Paul to Oklahoma City Thunder:

The Trade

As a part of the trade,

Phoenix Suns Receive: Chris Paul, Abdel Nader

Oklahoma City Thunder Receive: Kelly Oubre Jr., Ricky Rubio, Ty Jerome, Jalen Lecque, 2022 first-round pick


Phoenix Suns: B

In Chris Paul, the Suns got a future Hall of Famer who should provide a major on-court upgrade this season. And they made that addition without surrendering any of their most valuable future assets.

Chris’ leadership and competitive approach to the game will have an immeasurable impact on our team,” said the Phoenix Suns’ general manager James Jones.

Chris Paul to the Houston Rockets in 2017 and then to the Thunder in 2019. This is his 3rd trade in 3 years. He was a key part of the Thunder’s success. He averaged 17.6 points, 6.7 assists, and 5.0 rebounds per game. He was the only All-Star in the squad.

Oklahoma City Thunder: A

With already a lot of future draft picks lined up, the Thunder an extra 2022 first pick by sending CP3 to Phoenix.

In addition, they also receive a protected 2021 first from the Warriors for Oubre and 2020 first for shuttling Rubio to Minnesota, which became No. 17 pick Aleksej Pokusevski, and OKC essentially got two more firsts in the exchange.

OKC even got an exciting 2019-20 season and an unforeseen playoff trip out of the bargain, which surely raised Paul’s value and contributed to the subsequent pick haul.

2. Kelly Oubre Jr. to Golden State Warriors:

The Trade

As a part of the trade,

Golden State Warriors Receive: Kelly Oubre Jr.

Oklahoma City Thunder Receive: 2021 top-20-protected first-round pick (otherwise conveys as two future second-rounders if they finish outside top-20)


Golden State Warriors: B

Kelly Oubre Jr., 25, averaged 18.7 points per game with a 56.0 true shooting percentage, both of which were career highs. The Warriors should get the best of the 6’7″ wing, as they will only ask him to play to his strengths, which cover transition scoring and a tough defender.

The Warriors will incorporate Oubre and his massive $14.4 million expiring contract. This will cost the franchise a monstrous $66 million additional luxury tax.

Warriors have a huge luxury bill on the horizon, amounting to $134 million based on the team’s current payroll.

Oklahoma City Thunder: A

OKC will likely get a choice in the 20s out of this exchange. But even if pick protection prevents it from conveying in 2021, a pair of second-rounders is a solid haul for a player on an expiring contract who (apparently) didn’t feature in the Thunder’s plans.

Also, OKC produced a $14.4 million trade exception with this deal.

They could use that to take on bad money with more picks connected later this season. It would be just like Oklahoma City to anyhow turn an undesired asset into multiple first-round picks.

3. Dennis Schroder to LA Lakers:

The Trade

As a part of the trade,

Los Angeles Lakers Receive: Dennis Schroder

Oklahoma City Thunder Receive: Danny Green, No. 28 pick in 2020


Los Angeles Lakers: C

Danny Green is getting up there in years and isn’t the on-ball shutdown artist he was several seasons ago with the San Antonio Spurs. But he was a part of the last two league champs and would have been much easier to envision on the floor late in a Finals game than Dennis Schroder.

He averaged 18.9 points, 3.6 rebounds, and 4 assists per contest for the Thunder. He also managed a field goal of 46.9% from inside the arc, and 38.5% from the 3-point line.

Lakers head coach Rob Pelinka and this front office have been impressed by Schroder’s style of play. If he continues to play like he did last season, he will help the Lakers offensively by giving them another creator and capable shooter.

Oklahoma City Thunder: B

Oklahoma City rerouted Danny Green to the Sixers in the Horford trade and also used the No. 28 selection, which became Jaden McDaniels in the move that sent Ricky Rubio to Minnesota for the No. 17 selection.

Because the Thunder have swung what feels like 47 deals, it is not really appropriate to view their end of this trade in solitude. Green and the No. 28 pick indirectly replaced Al Horford, a first in 2025, Aleksej Pokusevski, and Theo Maledon.

At no point was Green a part of OKC’s plans, so we have to collapse all of those other transactions into this one in order to evaluate the return.