NBA Play In Tournament: NBA Commissioner Adam Silver ‘I Want This Tournament to be Long Term’

NBA Play In Tournament: The NBA play-in tournament will wrap up Friday when the Memphis Grizzlies visit the Golden State Warriors, with the winner moving on to the Western Conference playoffs. Adam Silver wants this tournament to continue.

There was plenty of interest in the Warriors-Los Angeles Lakers play-in game Wednesday, which drew an average of 5.6 million viewers and peaked at 6.1 million late in the Lakers’ 103-100 win.

Granted, that matchup featured the game’s two top stars in Lakers forward LeBron James, and Warriors guard Stephen Curry, but the dramatic win-and-in tilt wouldn’t have taken place without the play-in format.

This is what Adam Silver had to say.

NBA Play In Tournament: Statement from Adam Silver

I haven’t made any secret that I want it to be [around long term]. I have two constituencies I need to convince of that. One is the 30 teams, and I think for the most part they’ve supported it. Again, I understand the sentiment if I were a team—a 7-seed in particular—the notion [that] after a long season, you could potentially play out of the playoffs. I understand those feelings. I think at the same time, the teams recognize the amount of additional interest we’ve created over the last month of the season plus those play-in games make it worth it.

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“Of course, the other constituency is the players. For example, one player, who is on the executive committee of the union, said to me yesterday that he really likes the play-in tournament but he felt it could potentially be a bit unfair. For example, if you were the seventh seed and you were a significant number of games ahead of the 8-seed, the notion that you could somehow lose two games and be out of the playoffs seems unfair.”

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NBA Play-In Tournament: LeBron James was not pleased with the league’s decision to hold a Play-In Tournament. Regardless, the Lakers secured the 7th Seed and will face the Phoenix Suns in the NBA Playoffs.

Whoever came up with that s— needs to be fired,” LeBron said of the play-in tournament.