NBA Restart at the Walt Disney Resort will cost the league $2m a day

ESPN has reported that The National Basketball Association’s (NBA) plan to complete the 2019/20 season at the Walt Disney World Resort near Orlando will cost the league more than US$150 million.

Adam Silver, the NBA’s commissioner, and the league’s board of governors have chosen the ‘bubble’ site of Walt Disney World Resort to house 22 teams plus support staff in what the NBA hopes is a controlled environment to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Among costs associated with the site are setting up seven practice courts and three arenas to play games at, as well as all meals, daily coronavirus testing, treatment and quarantine associated with positive tests, sanitation of all facilities, other medical support, security, transportation and entertainment.

The bubble will also provide meals, daily coronavirus testing and other medical support, security, transportation and entertainment for more than 1,500 people.With the NBA finals slated to finish no later than 13th October, the reported figure could equate to a whopping US$2 million per day if the league uses the facility up until that deadline according to the estimates.
Silver told Time magazine this week: “It come into play that we feel an obligation to our sport and to the industry to find a new normal. It doesn’t come into play in terms of dollars and cents because, frankly, it’s not all that economical for us to play on this campus. It’s enormously expensive.”

NBA is projected to lose $1 billion this season due to Covid19 pandemic
The league is projected to lose more than $1 billion in revenue due to loss in ticket sales by playing at the isolated site without fans present, according to ESPN’s sources. However, by completing 88 regular-season game and four rounds of playoffs, the league will prevent further losses from television revenues.

Players are now set to retain more than US$600 million in salary, which could have been lost if the 2019/20 season was cancelled, while franchises will be protected from missing out on hundreds of millions of dollars from the potential loss of TV revenue.