NBC generates record $1.25 bn from Tokyo 2020 ad sales

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NBC Sports, the official broadcaster for the Olympic Games in the USA, has passed the $1.25 billion mark in sponsorship sales for the Tokyo Games telecast.

NBC in a Press statement has claimed a record $ 1.25 billion revenue from the 90% sale of its 2020 Olympic Games advertisement inventory. The broadcaster in December had reached the $ 1 bn landmark.

The company in a Press statement has said that it had passed $1.25 billion in Olympic ad sales from the 90% of its inventory with still more than four and a half months to go for the Games in Tokyo.

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The figure has already exceeded the total ad sales for the Rio de Janeiro Olympic four years ago.

Dan Lovinger, Executive VP ad sales for NBC Sports Group, has revealed that the company has “sold nearly 90 percent of our Tokyo Olympic inventory and the vast majority of our tent pole sponsorships have been sold.

“We recently surpassed $1.25 billion in national advertising for Tokyo, which exceeds our sales total for Rio 2016 and is a new Olympic record. In addition, our coverage for the 2020 Tokyo Paralympics is sold out. The momentum for Tokyo 2020 remains strong, but inventory is growing scarce as advertisers continue to value the massive reach of the Games and are eager to align their brands with the biggest media event of the year.”

NBC Universal had acquired the Olymics broadcast rights till 2032 in a record $12 billion deal.

Brian Roberts, the chief executive of NBC’s owners Comcast, said he “hoped and imagined” Tokyo 2020 would still produce good results for his company. “But in the event that it didn’t, we have insurance and contractual protections,” he said.

More than half of their advertisers are said to be new to the Summer Olympics. The Tokyo time zone is considered more favourable for NBC, as morning events will air live in US prime-time.

This includes swimming finals which have been moved from their normal evening time-slots.

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