Netflix, Amazon target top PL clubs for non-live content

Netflix, Amazon target top PL clubs for non-live content- InsideSport

Video streaming giants Netflix and Amazon Prime are approaching leading Premier League clubs for off season, non-live content.

The video streaming rivals, aiming to break into football, have reportedly approached the top clubs for behind-the-scene documentaries and video content. Both subscription services seeking rights and shooting access to the club and field areas.

Manchester City, Chelsea and Liverpool are among the clubs which have been approached with proposals. To avoid a rights infringement issue with the Premier League host broadcaster, Netflix and Amazon Prime will be aiming to focus on the pre-season build up to shoot for their documentaries.

Manchester United might not be interested in this deal as the club is more keen on in-house production of its media content.

The clubs are expected to get lucrative deals as Netflix and Amazon Prime will be ready to sign big fat cheques for the prime football content. Netflix for their premier hour-long commissioned shows has budgetary provisions of up to 35% more than what Sky pays for each live Premier League game.

With the ATP rights acquisition, Amazon Prime has already entered the sports market.

Both the digital platforms are also expected to bid for the Premier League media rights, for which a bid process will take place later this year.

In the past, a behind-the-scenes documentary series has been produced on Liverpool in 2012. The series was produced by Fox Soccer and Channel 5 in 2012.