NFL 2019 nets $ 4.48 bn in TV ad sales: Report

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NFL 2019 has generated an unprecedented $4.48 billion in television advertisement revenue during the 2019 regular season.

According to data, reported by several publications, the NFL revenue between September 5 and December 29 last year. The advertisements during league broadcast reportedly recorded 157.0 billion impressions, up 11% from a season ago, resulting in a 14% year on year revenue growth for the league.

The number of ad airings during NFL broadcasts climbed more than seven per cent to 32,000+.

The automotive industry, spearheaded by the brands like Toyota and Hyundai, reported to have spent $605.2 million on commercials. More than US$500 million came from companies in the insurance industry, while electronics and communication firms spent an estimated US$351 million.

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S No. Sponsor Amount
1. Verizon 150.60
2. GEICO 139.60
3. Progressive 121.40
4. State Farm 100.20
5. Toyota 89.80
6. Hyundai 85.60
7. Apple iPhone 76.80
8. AT&T Wireless 74.40
9. USAA 67.50
10. T-Mobile 66.30

figures in million dollars

American telecommunications giant Verizon, which is also an NFL sponsor, was the top-spending company, shelling out an estimated $150.6 million to advertise during coverage of games. Insurance firms Geico, Progressive, and State Farm also spent more than US$100 million on ad spots, with Japanese carmaker Toyota completing the top five biggest-spending advertisers.

The study comes ahead of this season’s Super Bowl, which on Fox Sports has attracted as high as $5.6 million for a single 30-second slot during the live broadcast.

The rise in ad spend, according to Sportspromedia report, also coincides with a ratings boost for the NFL, with the league’s broadcast partners – Fox, CBS, NBC and ESPN – reporting increases in viewership during the 2019 regular season.

According to data seen by CNBC, the NFL recorded a five per cent increase in TV viewership during the campaign, reaching an average of 16.5 million viewers per game and a total audience of 180 million.

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