Nike puts India football jersey on sale; price raises eyebrows

Nike puts India football jersey on sale; price raises eyebrows- InsideSport

For once, football beats cricket in Indian market values. That holds true for jerseys of the Indian football team and the Indian cricket team.

Nike has put Indian football team’s official jersey – called 2017 India stadium Home – on sale. It is priced at INR 4,695. This is INR 700 more than the Indian cricket team jersey, also sold on Nike stores.

The official Indian team jersey is selling for INR 3,995 on the Nike stores. Sounds strange. In a country obsessed with cricket, national football team jersey is available at a premium, whereas the cricket kit with better demand is sold for lesser amount.

An online order for the football jersey costs an additional INR 750 on account of packaging and delivery charges. Thus, a total price of INR 5,445 – an unimaginable and unacceptable cost for Indian market.

Nike while pricing the football jersey did not take Indian market economics into consideration. The price tag is on a par with its other international and top club team jerseys. Worst for the fans ready to shell out a “fortune” for the national football team colours, jerseys put on sale are not the stuff the national team will wears. This is one grade lower “premium” variety.

This price mechanism raises doubts about the acceptance for the product. Chelsea, Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain – the clubs with massive fan following in India – T-shirts cost much cheaper.

German sports apparel maker Puma sells ISL club Mumbai FC City T-shirt for a mere INR 1,000 whereas the top price for the ISL T-shirts does not go beyond INR 1,500.

Indian football lovers have waited for three months after the national team wore the Nike’s official jersey to get the product. However, when the wait is finally over, it remains to be seen will there be enough takers for the product.