NIKE & ROLEX releases tributes to Federer

Roger Federer

Congratulatory messages for the king of tennis Roger Federer is pouring in non-stop. Now the long standing sponsors of Federer, Nike & Rolex have released congratulatory ads as tribute to the great athlete.

The Swiss tennis star added to his legend with his eighth men’s single titles at Wimbledon, eclipsing the previous record of seven held by Pete Sampras and William Renshaw. It was also Federer’s 19th major championship overall. And Nike, as usual, was quick to salute its endorser by airing the 30-second spot after the victory.

The ad is dripping with attitude—mirroring the ruthless confidence, if not the actual, famously sportsmanlike demeanor—of tennis’ greatest ever player. It also fit well with the 35-year-old’s dominating performance on Sunday in particular. And then there’s the cute typographical flourish incorporating the number 8 into Roger’s name at the end.

Federer’s other long standing sponsor Rolex also was not far behind to release tribute on the occasion of Federer’s monumental effort.

Federer has a USD 15 Million annual deal with Rolex since 2006 which was renewed in 2012. Since then Federer, Wimbledon and the brand Rolex has been synonymous to each other.