Nike’s in motion, ‘smiling’ tribute to Mo Farah

Sports Apparel giant Nike has produced a short video to pay a tribute to British long distance runner Mo Farah. The video, titled Smile highlights the pain behind that legendary smile. The short video celebrates sacrifice Farah had to make and the mindset required to go the pace on the running track, capped by an ‘unbeatable smile’.

As Mo Farah steps onto the London Stadium track to compete in his final campaign for double gold, Nike’s new film ‘Smile’ celebrates the tremendous sacrifice and resilient mindset behind his record-breaking track career and unbeatable smile.

“Smile” created by Wieden+Kennedy and directed by Mark Zibert, the Rogue Films production captures the proverbial human truth: Behind every smile, there is a story that is never as easy as it seems.

The film gives viewers an unprecedented insight into the runner’s journey and toughest training moments, set against the backdrop of his hometown, London.

“A powerful tribute from London-born spoken word artist George the Poet captures the human truth we all recognise; that behind every smile, there is a story that is never as easy as it seems. Today, we celebrate Mo,” Nike stated in a statement.

The brand has always rallied around its star athletes. Nike chief executive Mark Parker rallied to Farah’s side at the start of the year in the wake of president Trump’s Muslim travel ban.